4 Tips for Getting a Cheap Hotel Room in Monterey

Although Monterey, California, started out as a sardine canning town, it has now blossomed into a popular destination for sightseers. If you’re planning a trip to Monterey and you’re wondering how you can save money on your hotel room in this seaside city, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Avoid Visiting in High Season

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Image via Flickr by Ed Bierman

Even though you will almost never see snow in Monterey, and the area typically enjoys a mild and Mediterranean-like climate almost year round, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a high season for tourists. Peak season runs from July through September. During this time, temperatures are usually a comfortable 72 degrees.

Low season in Monterey is from November through March, which is also the rainy season for the area. If you want a great deal on a hotel room, visit during this time. However, if you want low prices and nice weather, try to plan your trip in April or October. If you also book your Monterey hotel room on Hipmunk.com, you can find even better deals.

Stay Away From Hotels in the City Center

Hotels in the heart of Monterey are convenient for visitors who want to stay close to all the downtown attractions. As a result, they always charge higher prices than hotels that are just outside of the city. However, just because you’re not right in the middle of downtown doesn’t mean you can’t easily get there. The Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) system makes it easy and affordable to travel around the area. This includes MST Trolley, which transports visitors all around popular destinations in downtown Monterey completely free of charge.

Watch Out for Festivals

Along with a gorgeous coastline, Monterey is also known for some amazing festivals throughout the year. The biggest of them all is the Monterey Jazz Festival. Over 500 artists and 40,000 jazz fans come to the area on the third weekend of every September to celebrate. As a result, not only do hotels charge more, they also run out of rooms very quickly. To avoid paying more for a room than is needed, make sure you’re not planning on visiting the city during the same time as a large event or festival.

Don’t Stay Right on the Coast

Even though the coastline is one of the biggest draws of Monterey, staying at a hotel right on the water guarantees you’ll be paying top dollar. You don’t have to stay right on the coast to enjoy the views. There are plenty of cheap hotel rooms away from the coast but still conveniently nearby so you can walk there. One of the best ways to see the views is on the 18-mile long Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail. If you don’t feel like hiking the entire distance, there are plenty of places along the trail where you can rent bicycles, skates, or canopied quadricycles.

Have you recently traveled to the area? Please share any tips you learned about how to get a cheap hotel room in Monterey in the comments.

Author Bio: Kristen McCalla is a writer and avid blogger who lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, cat, and dog. When she’s not writing on her blog, 31 Million Seconds, she enjoys traveling and exploring all over this beautiful country. She is currently working on the #HipmunkCityLove project.