5 Best Beaches in Barbados

Barbados is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for its unique British style, attractions, history, and of course the amazing beaches. With Barbados’s eleven different parishes covering an area of 431 square kilometers there is plenty of beach to go around. There are also plenty of Barbados beach house rentals to enjoy this beautiful island and Caribbean oceans. Here are Barbados’s five best beaches. Also, you can get amazing value for money if you’re planning a holiday to Barbados by booking with Best At Barbados holidays. They have over 20 years’ experience and offer exclusive hotels and resorts including Colony Club by Elegant Hotels, The House by Elegant Hotels and The Club Barbados Resort and Spa.

Accra Beach

One of the most popular beaches on the island, Accra Beach is a great place to enjoy white sand, snorkeling and swimming.  With the South Coast boardwalk nearby you can also spend time shopping and enjoying restaurants and bars.  With the array of great swimming and entertainment Accra Beach is a great place to spend the entire day.


Barclays Park Beach

Located on the east coast of Barbados, Barclays park was established by Queen Elizabeth in 1966.  Although this beach may not be the best place to go swimming for the heavy waves, it is a great beach to visit.  Have a picnic, watch the sunrise, enjoy a beautiful walk, the park beach is a popular place for its peace and scenery.


Bottom Bay Beach

Located on the south coast this beach is the iconic Caribbean beach. If you want to take beautiful beach island photography this is no doubt your spot.


Brighton Beach

This beach is known for it’s extremely calm sea and is a great place to swim and walk.  Located on the west coast of the island, you can eat, drink, and swim in peace and beauty.


Bathsheba Beach

On the East coast Bathsheba beach is where you head for surfing.  Home to the Independence Classic Surfing Championship you can find many surfers enjoying and riding the waves here.  A great destination to walk and enjoy the amazing boulders and surf, Bathsheba Beach is a top location on the island.