5 Tips for saving money when booking flights online

With so much choice now available when booking flights online there has never been a better time to go travelling. Low budget airlines around the globe have transformed the airline industry to make domestic and international travel much more affordable for the masses. Despite this, many people are still spending more money on flights than they need to. Below we take a look at things you need to consider to help you save money when booking your flights online.

Booking Online Flights

  1. Explore your options

Don’t just jump headfirst in and book the first flight you see to your destination of choice. Ask yourself one question – “do I need to go at this actual date and time?” You will often find cheaper flights during the week, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, so be sure to check your options. If you have no urgent reason to be at your destination then consider alternative flight times and dates.

  1. Shop around

It’s something many of us do when booking hotels and even buying the latest pair of shoes online, but all too often consumers fly with airlines they know and have used before. While this is all well and good, sometimes it’s worth exploring other avenues. Comparison sites like Skyscanner can be a great way to find out the cheapest flight from A to B, sometimes via C. Next time you’re booking a flight online, be sure to shop around.

  1. Think of your package deal

Rather than booking your accommodation and flights separately, consider the savings you can get if you book both together. Travel site Expedia is a great example of somewhere that you can enjoy great deals on both flights and hotels when you book together. This is great if you are considering a long holiday or booking multiple flights and accommodation for multiple destinations.

  1. Fly to a neighbouring city

One way that is becoming increasingly popular in the pursuit of saving money in online travel is flying into an airport in a neighbouring city and getting a bus or train to your destination. Flights to and from major cities will often be more expensive as they are used more often, so explore the options available to you for flying into neighbouring cities. If the distance between that city and your own destination isn’t far and the saving is huge, then it is certainly worth your while flying into the neighbouring city and hoping onto a train. This is something that happens on a regular basis when flying into a city like London. Fly to airports on the outskirts of the city like Southend or Gatwick and take the tube in – you will make a saving at the expense of some added time on your journey.

  1. Don’t forget trains

While a plane can get you to your destination much quicker than a train, don’t rule out this trusty means of transport. Train tickets are usually much cheaper than a plane ticket and you also get to enjoy some stunning scenery on your way. If you are planning a long journey then consider an overnight train journey as you’ll not only save on your flight but also save on the cost of accommodation for one night. This is a great way to save some money if you are touring around a country or travelling around Europe or the USA.

Remember these top tips the next time you need to book flights online, and if you have a problem with flight compensation, be sure to check out Flight Delay Claims 4 U. The saving can go towards a nice drink or meal upon arrival at your destination.