5 Tips you need to know about camper van hire in Australia

The majority of people that go on holiday to Australia end up hiring a camper van, there’s many reasons for this. The beautiful scenery and the long drives make Australia a prime destination for hiring a camper van. You don’t have to hire a vehicle, but it definitely beats going on a guided tour or using public transport. Hiring a camper van is popular with both locals and tourists. There is great campervan hire in Melbourne available from My Drive Holiday. So, once you’re decided that a camper van holiday is for you the next step is to know how to choose the right vehicle. Here are my top tips for finding the best camper van for you and your travel partners.


Choosing the right camper van

You will most likely have to to come to a compromise between ease of driving and the comfort of sleeping in your camper van. You will be able to choose some of the most luxurious camper vans that you have ever seen, a luxurious 6 berth camper van may look great but it is a lot more comfortable to drive a small camper van. On the flip side of that, once you have finished driving a small camper van, you will definitely crave the comfort of a 6 berth camper van. Here are some other tips to choosing the best camper van for you:

-Decide on which camper van you need. You need to know how many berths your camper van will need for you and your travellers.

– Look at the seating arrangements in the camper van. Make sure that it is suitable for you.

– If you are travelling with children then make sure that there are 3-point seat belts available.

– If you are planning on doing some exercise and using bikes, find a company that will provide you with a bike rack free of charge.

Do your research online

Every reputable camper van company will have a website where you can look through all of the options that are available to you. You will be able to look at pictures and compare each type of vehicle that is on offer to you. You can also make bookings online, this will sometimes save you some cash as you won’t have to pay commission to an agent.

Plan your route

Get out a map and plan the route that you will be taking, then do your research. You need to make sure that you plan your route thoroughly, you don’t want to waste any time by spending too much time in certain places. This will be the trip of a lifetime so planning is essential!