Benefits of an all-inclusive holiday

All-inclusive ‘package’ holidays have always been a popular holiday choice for holidaymakers and they haven’t lost their appeal. If anything, they’re getting more popular, with more and more types of holidays and accommodation – from family resorts to high end hotels – offering all-inclusive options.

There’s always a multitude of cheap all-inclusive holidays available online all year round, and once you’ve chosen what sort of holiday you want to go on, whether a romantic city break or family holiday in the sun, it’s smooth sailing all the way to your destination. For more information on all-inclusive holidays visit this website.

Why go all-inclusive?

It’s great value
All-inclusive holidays are undoubtedly the cheapest way to travel, especially when it comes to families – as meals, accommodation and flight costs can really rocket when you pay for each element of the holiday separately.

Longer-haul destinations that you may have thought to be too expensive to travel to may also now be within budget when going all-inclusive.

Another holiday type that is made for the all-inclusive model is ski holidays. Notoriously expensive, finding a chalet or hotel, reasonably-priced food, transfers and ski passes can turn into a chore and can end up costing extortionate amounts. With all-inclusive ski holidays, everything is taken care of; some even include ski passes in the total amount.

All-inclusive holidays are incredibly stress free, as all you need to do is get out your bank card once and pay for the entire holiday in one click. Once you arrive at the airport in your chosen destination, you’ll likely be greeted by a hotel or resort representative and taken to your accommodation via coach or taxi, which will already be paid for. This way trying to hail a taxi (especially in a country where you don’t speak the language well) can be avoided. You also don’t need to carry a load of cash with you on a day-to-day basis, which lessens any stress about losing it or having it stolen.

Food, glorious food…
Another benefit of all-inclusive holidays is that meals are taken care of. When booking check what meals you get included. Usually it will state either full or half-board. ‘Full’ means every last morsel that passes your lips from brekkie to pudding is taken care of; ‘half-board’ implies that either lunch or dinner is included. This is particularly useful for families, as trying to find a local restaurant that can cater for everyone, from toddlers to teens, can prove difficult. It’s even more difficult in exotic countries, when traditional or spicy flavours may not be to everyone’s tastes.

Amenities and entertainment galore
If staying in an all-inclusive resort, you’ll get free-run of all the amenities from pool and fitness suites, to tennis courts and even spas. Fun entertainment such as quizzes, live music or karaoke may also be included. trying to think of ideas of how to entertain the family in evenings needn’t be an issue! All-inclusive resorts may also have their own dedicated child care services, if adults want a few hours to themselves!