Backpacking Tips

With a little help from my friends

Picture it: you’re away from home, on the holiday of your dreams, traveling through amazing countries and meeting people with the most interesting stories you’ve ever heard. You’re eating foods you’ve never seen, laying on beaches and seeing sights that are hundreds of years old. You’re traveling, and your mind and heart will never be […]

Most common injuries on your travel

Traveling should be a pleasurable occupation, whether taking a short vacation at a beach resort or trekking round the world for a few months. For the most part travel is highly enjoyable, with opportunities to explore new countries and cultures, take part in exciting activities such as skiing or surfboarding, or just putting the feet […]

Business and Pleasure in KwaZulu Natal

The route from Gauteng down through KwaZulu Natal is well worn. Johannesburg is the largest commercial centre in Africa and Durban the largest container port, so business links are natural. KwaZulu Natal’s coastline means that the route is also well trodden by tourists heading off on their holidays. The region itself was the scene of […]

Magical Wildlife in Menorca

When it comes to wildlife in the Mediterranean, there’s nowhere more diverse than the landscapes of Menorca. Bird watching and fishing are very popular and time-honoured pastimes here, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience alternative tourist activities that you wouldn’t usually associate with the island. For lovers of planets and trees, there are […]


The Canaries are a generally great place to visit to get away from the bad and cold winter weather. I was on holiday in Costa Calma in Fuerteventura, I did a lot of relaxing on the beach and chilling by the pool. I also explored the various other beaches dotted around the Island and did […]

Top 5 budget hiking destinations in Europe

If you’re planning a trip away but you’re working with a limited budget, a hiking holiday could be the best option for making your money go a lot further. Makes sense really. Aside from getting yourself to your chosen destination, all you’ll need are your trusty walking boots and lashings of good old-fashioned enthusiasm. Walking […]

How To Fund A Home Improvement Job

So you are planning to come up with a home improvement job or project anytime soon but the question is: Are you financially capable as of the moment to realize such kind of project? Take note that when it comes to home improvement jobs you do not only need to spend a great deal of […]

How to save money on a holiday to the Costa del Sol

There’s nothing like a holiday in the sun to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. However, if money’s a bit tight, travelling on a budget might add unwanted stress to your getaway. So how do you save money, while still enjoying your much-needed break from the rat race? Choosing a low-cost destination is a good […]

Saving money on your travel medications

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun – scheduling tours, seeing friends and family, or just experiencing another part of the world for a change.  One needs to consider airfare, finding the right accommodations, and think about the schedule, right?  But there’s one more thing many people simply forget – ensuring that they […]