Tips to negotiate a better rate on your mortgage

It’s great when you’ve identified your dream property, saved up enough for a deposit and are ready to start looking for a mortgage provider. However, it’s wise to do your research and make sure you know what to look out for when choosing a provider. Here are some tips to help you negotiate a better […]

How to save money on a holiday to the Costa del Sol

There’s nothing like a holiday in the sun to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. However, if money’s a bit tight, travelling on a budget might add unwanted stress to your getaway. So how do you save money, while still enjoying your much-needed break from the rat race? Choosing a low-cost destination is a good […]

International Personal Banking in Lebanon

Lebanon has a wealth of business opportunities and is increasingly becoming an attractive option for both businesses and professionals from all over the world. The Lebanon economy has seen consistent levels of growth over the last 6+ years with focus on the banking sector followed by the tourism, international trade and services industries. The lack […]

5 tips for young entrepreneurs

There are very few things that you will do that are more exciting than starting a business. If you are a young entrepreneur with a new business idea that you think is going to take off the second it is launched, then the feeling is something very special indeed! There are a number of different factors […]

Tips to help you survive your move to Dubai

Moving to another country is always daunting so it’s always useful to have some vital information before moving. There are bound to be huge differences from your present country to one that you are planning to move to. Many people move to Dubai for work because they have been posted there by their company. The […]

Saving money on your travel medications

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun – scheduling tours, seeing friends and family, or just experiencing another part of the world for a change.  One needs to consider airfare, finding the right accommodations, and think about the schedule, right?  But there’s one more thing many people simply forget – ensuring that they […]

How not to end up broke in London

Going to London is always worth the time. As Samuel Johnson so fittingly said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” However, you might spend years in London, while still missing out on some of the best things London has […]

How Energy Conservation Helps Your Budget

When it comes to staying on a budget and keeping your costs down overall, taking control of your monthly utility bills is definitely the easiest way to trim your expenses without sacrificing anything while you do it.  And by far the easiest method of cutting down your monthly utility spending is by practicing energy efficient […]