Mexico: A trip worth making

If you have never made a trip to Mexico then you’re certainly missing out, you need to go as soon as is humanly possible! If you’ve been lucky enough to visit, like I have, then you will know exactly what I am talking about – the country is simply amazing! I’m sure it’s on most […]

Experiencing Irish culture & tradition: Events in 2014

Thinking of visiting Ireland this year? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. With thousands of tourists flocking to the land of green and showing no signs of slowing down, Ireland is showcasing some fine culture orientated and traditional events. Ireland has long been a great European tourist destination, but 2014 looks to set another record of […]

Most common injuries on your travel

Traveling should be a pleasurable occupation, whether taking a short vacation at a beach resort or trekking round the world for a few months. For the most part travel is highly enjoyable, with opportunities to explore new countries and cultures, take part in exciting activities such as skiing or surfboarding, or just putting the feet […]

Greece: Essential Travel Tips

The first tip I have to give you about Greece is to ignore all of the negative headlines that have appeared in the news over the last six months. A lot of people don’t realise that the newspapers and television channels have to sensationalise things to del papers and get viewers. Yes, people might be […]

The 3 Best Cities in Europe

It’s that time of year again, Christmas has been and gone and the weather at home is really not nice at all. It’s the perfect time to get away for the weekend or even longer. With so many great deals out there at the moment there is no excuse not to book yourself a weekend […]

A guide to the history of the Inca Trail

The Inca Trail – and its destination Machu Picchu – is undoubtedly one of the most iconic attractions in Peru. Thousands of people walk along this route every year, but many know little of its history before they set out on their journey of discovery. We’re going to tell you a bit more about the […]

Magical Wildlife in Menorca

When it comes to wildlife in the Mediterranean, there’s nowhere more diverse than the landscapes of Menorca. Bird watching and fishing are very popular and time-honoured pastimes here, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience alternative tourist activities that you wouldn’t usually associate with the island. For lovers of planets and trees, there are […]

5 Tips you need to know about camper van hire in Australia

The majority of people that go on holiday to Australia end up hiring a camper van, there’s many reasons for this. The beautiful scenery and the long drives make Australia a prime destination for hiring a camper van. You don’t have to hire a vehicle, but it definitely beats going on a guided tour or […]