Dental marketing for dentists

Marketing for dentists has become a necessity in the digital age, particularly with so many people using the internet now. Dentists, in times long gone, would rely on their location to attract new customers, but now there are so many factors that contribute to the success of a dentistry, dental marketing has become so important as a result and this article will discuss some of the considerations for marketing your dentistry.

Free first consultations

Another great marketing ploy to get people to visit you is to offer a first free consultation to let people know that you are serious about your dental practice and the services that you offer. When you do this you can let your superior dental skills and quality service take over and this is the real seller.

The most important thing is to get people to make the first step towards you and your business.

Make your practice convenient

One of the biggest problems with providing any service is the hours that the service is actually available to customers, one good way for dentists to drive traffic to their practice is to offer hours that may be convenient to people that would not normally be able to get to the practice during normal working hours. This does not mean that you need to stay open all night, but it will not hurt your practice to be open late once a week.

Once you have done this it is important to let people know that you are convenient and then you can watch the customers roll in.

Make your website as simple as possible

A dentist’s website is many things, a place to show off your work and services, but really your site should be geared at getting someone to call you or to make an enquiry, so it is of utmost importance that these things are easy to find for visitors of your site.

You would be surprised how many dentists make it hard to find their contact information on their site and then they wonder why people are not calling them. Another common mistake is to have your contact details in picture form only, not only will this be more difficult to find, but search engines will not be able to find this. If a person can’t copy and paste the information they need, they are likely to move to the next site they find.


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