Discover a World of Wonder

There are few places in the world that can be counted as paradise. The Indian Ocean islands, the Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef – all aquatic wonders with white sand and brilliant blue sea. Unfortunately, these dream destinations come with a price to match, however there is one place that’s as close to paradise as you’ll get, without paying the bill.


Anyone who has ever been to Orlando will know that the eclectic range of activities on offer proves there is something to suit everyone, however Discovery Cove in my opinion is what makes Orlando special.

The downside is of course the long-haul flight, and 8 hours on a plane is enough to make anyone tired, jetlagged and grumpy. There are ways to cut out some of the long-haul effects, such as getting as much sleep as you can before leaving, and I’ve found that booking an airport hotel really helps. There are a range available at most large UK airports, as well as the more regional ones, so if you’re flying from Luton, be sure to check out the range of Luton Airport Hotels on offer. are great value for money, and not only do they save on stress levels and tiredness, but for the minimal cost, you get to start your holiday sooner than you’d planned. If you’ve got kids in tow, there really is no better answer to the pre-holiday hell that often ensues due to over-excitement! Check out what’s available near you, including the great range of Stansted Airport hotels when flying from the capital.


If you’ve ever wanted to swim with dolphins, Discovery Cove is the place to go. Even if you’re a non-swimmer, you won’t miss out. I can’t swim, yet I managed to fulfil my dream, albeit in shallower water, thanks to the fantastically supportive staff. It is a moment I’ll never forget.

Aside from dolphin swims, the main thing about Discovery Cove is the service. I found the level of service second to none, and for the cost of admission, it rivalled the famous Disney service. Another positive is that it’s limited admission, meaning you need to pre-book. It’s never overbooked or crowded.

The set-up is arranged to mirror a castaway island. The water is blue and heated, the sand feels genuine between your toes and as the sun usually shines in Florida, it really is like being stuck on a paradise island.

No need to decide what to wear – you’ll be provided with a wetsuit and snorkelling equipment if need be, with special sun-cream, so as not to upset the marine life.

Rays, beautiful, colourful fish, dolphins and various other underwater residents will all be your friends for the day, with an aviary to explore if you get tired of the water. Of course, there is a beach, fit for a castaway island, perfect for enjoying the sun.

The thing I really enjoyed was the food. The day is all-inclusive, so no need to budget for food and drinks. The choice is endless. Be sure to get your photographs taken by the official staff throughout the day too, as these are memories you’ll want to keep.

Discovery Cove really is a dream park, and a visit to Orlando wouldn’t be complete without it. Long-haul flying can be made earlier and less stressful by pre-booking airport extras, such as parking and hotels, so be sure to check them out. I stayed at one of the hotels at Stansted Airport and can highly recommend it, so search hotels Stansted Airport for yourself, and dream off that castaway experience!