Experiencing Irish culture & tradition: Events in 2014

Thinking of visiting Ireland this year? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. With thousands of tourists flocking to the land of green and showing no signs of slowing down, Ireland is showcasing some fine culture orientated and traditional events. Ireland has long been a great European tourist destination, but 2014 looks to set another record of highlights. This year sees a special amount of celebratory Irish events, highlighting culture, tradition, music and all things great about Ireland.  Here are four of our favourite events taking place in Ireland in the coming months.

1. The Rose of Tralee

If you’re interested in Irish culture and tradition, then you’ll be spoilt in terms of music, talent and culture when it comes to the Rose of Tralee. The main event is the crowning of the Rose of Tralee, but the event itself is one big festival; a celebration of Irish culture with entertainment, carnivals, markets, concerts and much more on show. The Rose of Tralee calls on people from all over the world with ties to Ireland and their culture, bringing together and show casing the global Irish community.  The festival takes place from 15th – 19th August.

2. Galway Races:

A popular date for the diary, the Galway Races takes place this year from Monday 28th July – Sunday 3rd August.  The event is always worth seeing, as some of the world’s best jockeys competing. Horse racing as always been a popular cultural event in Ireland but these days, it’s not just about the horses – it’s about style. The city of Galway comes alive for a weeklong festival of racing and whilst it is always a vibrant and culturally alive place to see – this week is particularly special.  If you’re thinking of visiting  Galway, there’s never been a better time to get your hat out and visit race week, experience excellent entertainment and see how the Irish rank in style terms.

Galway Races

3. Dublin Fringe Festival:

It’s no secret that the Irish love to laugh and the Dublin Fringe Festival is 18 days just that – laughter and great fun. Theatre, comedy, music, and dance come to the Dublin Fringe Festival in abundance. The city of Dublin is transformed with up to 800 events, each one bringing something new to the festival. It is a very popular date in the Irish cultural calendar, so if you’re in Ireland from the 5th – 22nd September, be sure to get yourself along to Dublin Fringe.

4. Guinness Cork Jazz Festival:

Perhaps you don’t associate jazz with the Irish, but the Guinness is, of course, a trademark Irish cultural reference. But don’t be fooled, the Irish love all music and The Guinness Cork Jazz festival celebrates this. It has become an internationally renowned music festival with over 1,000 musicians playing 400 sessions in 70 intimate venues.  With concerts and jazz camps, this is an Irish music festival that should be top of most music lovers list.  The festival takes place from 24th – 27th October and this will be the 36th year.

Jazz Festival

Images courtesy of Tourism Ireland.