Finding the Right Major for Your Future Goals

Going to college to earn a degree is a life-changing event.  Not only are you getting an immensely desirable degree, but it opens up opportunities that were previously unavailable.

A college education is an enriching experience in whatever field you choose to pursue.  However, many difficulties lie with the daunting decision of which major would be best for the current job market and for future success.


Finding that niche market after college could land you a pristine career opportunity upon graduation, further opening up knowledge and connections to decide which types of relationships you want to pursue in the job market.  Are you an introvert who wants to sit at a desk without much social interaction, or are you a people person?

For people who are naturally social, obtaining a public relations degree is the perfect fit.  It is a field in which human interaction is so much fun it never really feels like work.

This career direction is all about building relationships, which in turn, creates a successful PR agent.  Those connections can make or break a successful PR campaign.  Building friendships with journalists and other media professionals is fun! Some of the best PR professionals wine and dine clients, send gifts, have business dinners, and build extremely wonderful relationships that become more rewarding over time.

Public Relations (PR)

Image via Flickr by David Spinks

PR work is entertaining because it’s all about getting your client’s name out into the media world and offering the media incentives to accomplish this. Anyone who is in business, from the head of a small corporation to celebrities, including the U.S. President, publicity is a recipe for success.

The publication About Money explains it well; “There’s a lot of truth to the old joke that public relations is the care and feeding of reporters.” This actually just involves persuading the masses through media outlets such as newspapers, radio, television, and social media that your client exists and that they are worthy of your trust.

The absolute best publicity for clients does not cost a dime.  Those unsolicited newspaper articles, television spots, and radio blurbs picked up by the media without spending a single advertising dollar are extremely beneficial. Commonly, “free” publicity means sending out press releases that contain fresh and intriguing material that media outlets want to share with the public.

Contact with journalists and media professionals could just mean a simple query or explanation of an event from a recent press release. You can also ask them about what type of story they are looking for or how they would prefer to get their story pitches. Any contact with media venues is worth the time when you’re in the PR business.


Although many mistakenly attach public relations to the same league as marketing, it is a very different approach. Successful PR promotions rarely, if ever, include pricey advertising campaigns.

The best PR campaigns can take hold and become extremely successful without spending any cash on advertising.  This method of public relations is known as “earned media,” because the coverage that involves your client is successful due to credible information that is interesting and that has “earned” its spotlight in the media world.

Pursuing an education and career in public relations may lead you into extraordinary relationships, powerful connections, and a life worthy of your dreams.