Five Tips on How to Survive San Antonio

Ibiza, the eternal party island. San Antonio the city that makes this possible. It is a seductive place for youngsters, well anyone in fact, keen to party in glorious weather.

All the temptations are there – all the signs are there too. Cheap drinks, loads of places to party, glorious weather and plenty of like-minded people – it is the perfect cocktail for hedonism.

However, in a bid to help you make the most of everything that San Antonio has to offer, we have put together a few do’s and don’ts to help guide you towards the path of a truly memorable holiday.

Don’t Forget/Lose Your Keys

At the height of a pumping party, remember to keep a check on where your hotel/apartment/villa keys are. There is nothing worse than getting home and not being able to get in to a comfortable bed.

There are many hotels in San Antonio, like the Hotel Intertur Hawaii Ibiza and they are all pretty close by so just remember your bearings and you should be okay finding your way back.

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[Image courtesy of David Amsler on Flickr]

Find Somewhere Comfy to Rest

No matter how tired you are at the end of a busy day, always avoid the temptation to just put your head down anywhere and sleep. Getting yourself into your comfy bed will be a much better thing to wake up to than a railing!

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[Image courtesy of Giorgio Guzzetta on Flickr]

Remember to Wear Suncream

Us Brits are not always the best at remembering to wear suncream. It is also very easy to forget to top up whilst enjoying the sun and partying. However, if you want to avoid more than a pain head in the morning, make sure you top up your sun cream whilst out in the sun.


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[Image courtesy of Jono Winn on Flickr]

Drink Responsibly

With a plethora of cheap drink offers readily available remember to keep a check on how much you’ve had. Getting a massive drink can seem like the best idea but come morning time, you might not agree.

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[Image courtesy of Nicolae S on Flickr]

Dress Sensibly

There is nothing worse than looking back over the photos of a great night out, a great holiday and end up cringing about what you wore. Plus, it will be hot in San Antonio so something airy might be advisable. I guess these two at least took that into consideration.

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[Image courtesy of Alex Harries on Flickr]