Why Good PR is Worth its Weight in Gold  

Tim Aldiss writes for Broadgate Mainland the London PR firm

When many people think of the term “public relations”, they think of schmoozing with the press and media, and maybe forming inauthentic relationships just to get attention and publicity. But the fact is that PR has the power to present your image to the public in exactly the way you desire. Whether you have good PR or bad PR can make or break your success as a business. So it’s very important to hone in on who your ideal audience is, and what particular message you want to send to these people. With enough focus and timing, you can break your way into success by using good PR, and here’s how:

Telling a good story

Good PR often goes hand in hand with telling a good story. People love to hear good stories, and they want to hear them, so when you can fuse your public relations with storytelling, you’ll be most likely to get positive attention from the public. And if you can really target your story towards your ideal clients, you’ll be ready to score.

Influence the public

If your PR is targeted and effective, you can really inspire people to actually take action in alignment with your business and your values. This is especially the case when it comes to political activist groups or other similar types of organizations. If you want to get people involved and gathered together for a particular cause, then good PR will be especially valuable and necessary.

Speaking to your target market

Broken down quite simply, PR is really just speaking directly to the people who you want to become clients or involved in some way with your products or services. So it’s important to learn as much as possible about these people. Good PR will be able to speak directly to your ideal clients and draw them to work with you because they feel invited to do so.

Social media spreads

The real gold is found in PR when you send a particular message to the public, and then experience these people spreading the message about your business on their own. For example, you might write a press release about your business, and the people exposed to it might share the message on their social media accounts on their own accord. This is what we call free PR, and as long as it’s positive, free PR is good PR!