Holiday Souvenirs: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

When money is scarce, certain things become surplus to requirements and sadly this even applies to holidays. As many of us are still finding that the strains of high energy and food bills are placing more demands on household budgets, this year’s getaways will need to be carefully planned when it comes to costs.

holiday souvenirs

Everyone knows that by looking around on the internet you can snap up bargains, but it isn’t just the initial outlay that makes up the total cost of a holiday. If you are working to a stricter budget than usual this year, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that all important holiday is still affordable.



By going down the all-inclusive route, you can make budgeting for a holiday far simpler. The basic concept of paying one amount for a getaway that includes all travel, accommodation and catering costs is something many people find attractive.

Club Med has a fantastic selection to fit all budgets and tastes when it comes to where and how you want to spend your holiday. A wide range of destinations together with various activities and extras mean you can budget accurately whilst not needing to cut any corners on quality.


Sacrificing souvenirs?

If your food and drink needs are covered and you don’t need to spend money getting to and from the airport, do you actually need to take any spending money with you at all? Well, of course there will be some things that even the most inclusive of deals won’t cover and you’ll still need some cash to get by. One of the things that people tend to spend money on while they are on holiday is souvenirs and this is one area you can cut back on if desired.

Buying ornaments and gifts for yourself and your family is a great way to build lasting memories of your holiday and if you opted for an all-inclusive deal, then this type of purchase will certainly be within your budget. If you’d still like to save a few pennies, then why not let your photographs be your souvenirs?

You can have them converted into canvas prints, large photographs, collages and even digital slideshows. However you decide to display them, using holiday snaps as a way to remind yourself of your fantastic holiday is a great way to reduce the amount you spend on souvenirs – although it won’t hurt to pick up one or two choice items.