Make it Memorable in Lapland

Spending springtime in Lapland

A Lapland holiday during spring are often more affordable than other seasons, in particular winter, which can see prices soar dramatically. The change in Lapland from winter to spring is phenomenal, when plains of snow melt away and fields of grass bloom in their place. Evergreen trees are as green as always, but there is a real feeling of awakening as nature comes back to life after a long rest. For the first time in months the sun illuminates the sky, and the perpetual dusk of winter has relented. Although not quite warm yet, the blooming landscape becomes a hikers dream, and photographers have an ending supply of snapshots. Rivers are still full and heaving for the avid adventure kayaker and all types of lake based water sports available again.


Unique Summer Holidays

Summer in Lapland is warm and sunny; in fact, the sun shines all day and all night! The lack of complete darkness might scare some night owls, but life continues like normal for the locals. It’s easy to have an evening beer at dusk, only for dusk to continue until dawn! Due to such long periods of light, fans of the outdoors can pick and choose when to do activities, which would usually have quite limiting time constraints.

An Aurora of Autumn

Autumn has the best pick of both summer and winter activities. It isn’t too cold yet but the snow will have started to fall.  Autumn is an exciting time to view the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. Crowds are not so common during this period so you are likely to get a bargain. Head north into the Arctic Circle and on towards the Aurora Ova for the best views of the Northern Lights. Spectacular colours light up the night sky from dusk until dawn, and for best visibility go during a new moon as moonlight and city lights can drown out the Northern Lights. 2014 promises to be an excellent year for viewing, as Sun spot cycles have created strong magnetic storms which fuel the Aurora Borealis.



Christmas in Santa’s Wonderland

Peak season for a Lapland holiday is in Winter, as it’s the home place of Santa, and 2014 will be no different. Visitor numbers are heavy so book early to get the best deals and dream holiday. Christmas is the perfect time for families, but it can also be a romantic escape for couples, and there is plenty to do. Winter sports are hugely popular and easily available. They range from downhill and cross country skiing, to ice skating, ice hockey and kayaking. For something less vigorous try toboggans or sledging or a husky led sleigh. For the ultimate in romantic relaxation, let hours pass by in a Finnish spa. Enjoy outdoor spa pools after saunas, and cuddle up by a cosy fire with a fragrant mulled wine. If there are little ones along with you, let them indulge in rich hot chocolates. They will probably be exhausted after a day at the Santa Clause Village or Santa Park.