Matt Whyman Angus hits the road to meet his readers

We love to write about money and travel on this site, so today we are really excited to tell you all about how one man has been travelling around parts of the UK meeting school kids and it all being funded by a bank! Yes, that’s right Scottish Friendly are doing something magnificent. They have created a book tour that has been making it’s way south from Scotland since last year. It is great to hear about a bank taking such an interest in the communities where it is based, what makes this even more impressive is the fact that they are helping with children’s education – there’s nothing better!

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Kids around the country will come face to face with some of the United Kingdom’s favourite authors, the authors will sit down read the book, have a group discussion and then have a work shop with the class. The idea is to get school children inspired to read more, we know that reading is essential for every child to be able to learn more and be successful in their studies. So far the tour has been a huge success, both the school children and the authors have and a fantastic time.

In December Matt Whyman Angus joined up with the tour, he visited a number of schools and met with hundreds of excited readers. It is always fun when the authors show up because the kids have no idea what so ever who the author is, what they do know very well are the books that the author has written. Angus said that his favourite moment of the tour was when he visited a school in Scotland, he commented on how he had left a lot of children disappointed by picking some of their favourite movies apart. In one workshop he sat down with a class and broke down movies such as the Hunger Games to their bare bones, the class then understood that the components of most famous movies are very similar stories. Whilst the children might not have been too happy about their favourite films being torn apart, what they did learn was some valuable lessons. Understanding how each story is made is essential to learning about books and then improving their command of the written English.

It is a fantastic tour and we wish them all the success. If you would like to stay on top of everything that is happening on the tour then head to the Scottish Friendly website where you can read blogs from some of the top authors that sign up.