P and O Cruises

P and O Cruises are becoming the UK’s favourite cruise line.  In just the past couple of years, this dynamic cruise line has received such prestigious awards as:

  • Best Luxury Cruise Line (British Travel Awards 2011)
  • Best Family Cruise Line (British Travel Awards 2011)
  • Best UK Departure Cruise Line (British Travel Awards2011)
  • Britain’s Favourite Cruise Line (British Travel Awards 2012)


To those who have already embarked on a P and O cruise, then these awards will come as no surprise. With 7 luxurious cruise ships traveling to well over 250 destinations world wide, travelers everywhere can easily find a trip that caters to their desires as well as to their budget. Have a look at their Why Choose P & O Youtube video.

A Varied Number of Destinations and Ports

Just the variety of different destinations and ports that you can enjoy when traveling with P and O Cruises is enough to convince any traveler that they’re the cruise ship to stick with.  They offer the standard ports of call that most of the other large world class cruise liners do, such as Paris and Catalan City in Spain.  But you’ll also be treated to some more recluse and intimate destinations, such as Warnermunde, Germany.

What does this mean for you, the traveler?  It means that you can choose form a wide range of different ports and destinations and pick a cruise itinerary that’ll allow you to explore those places.  Whether it’s the hot and humid Caribbean or the Mediterranean or South America that you’re looking to explore, you’re sure to come across one or more travel itineraries that P and O Cruises have to offer that will captivate you.

A Fantastic Cruise on A Budget

P and O is a top choice for families and is Britain’s favourite cruise line for a number of reasons, but one reason that plays a huge role in why this cruise company has become so popular is that this cruise line is affordable.  You can find an itinerary that suits your needs and desires for a price that you can afford to spend, making it possible for you to visit those world class cities and ports that you’ve always wanted to see without breaking the bank. One of the ways P & O can offer good deals by making sure they fill their ships everytime. They do this by making themselves very accessible. You can book a cruise with them on the Cruise Kings site, on the P & O specific page.

You may have already found some other “budget” cruise line out there on the web that’s offering a price that’s close to that which P and O offers, but then look at the amenities that are being offered.  Look at the cuisine.  Check out the entertainment.  None of those other “budget” cruise lines compare to P and O Cruises in any regard. You save money when traveling with P and O, but you are still able to enjoy all of the spoils and pleasures that you’d enjoy on any top class cruise line.

Additional Money Saving Tips

You can save even more with P and O if you book your cruise smartly.  For example, look into booking close to a year before or just weeks before the sailing date.  If you plan way in advance, you’re bound to get better choices in terms of where your cabin will be as well as save money.  If you plan a couple of weeks in advance, you may save even more money (though the choice of cabins may be limited)