Paying For Student Loans

You’ve grinded it out for years. You’ve had good times and you’ve had bad times. You had sleepless weekends of studying and you had sleepless weekends hanging with your friends. You laughed, you screamed, you cried and you’ve learned a lot. The much anticipated degree will finally be in your hands and you can get out of the classroom and into the workforce to join the countless people ready to do the same thing. Only it feels like you already have a weight tied to your leg that is constantly going to slow you down. Student loans, the buggers, we all have them (well, those who don’t have the luxury of having a free secondary education system) and that don’t go away very easily. Most entry level jobs are going to leave you applying not much more than the minimum payments on your debts for some time. Alas, there are some ways you can get a head start on paying your loans while you are in school or once you have just graduated. Here is a list of fun jobs that will grow your social networks and personal skills.




While you’re studying and gaining all this knowledge, why not share it with others? Explaining a subject can be a great tool to retain what you already know. Tutoring pupils on the subjects you’ve come to master is a great source of income. It’s beneficial to maintain knowledge on the topic and will instill leadership skills. If you were to take a summer off and go somewhere like Asia, you can become a tutor in Hong Kong very easily.  Take your knowledge or music, academics or computer skills and make some side money.




This job is great for a few reasons: It creates a social life outside of your school which everyone needs from time to time. It yields good money for the amount of work. Many servers and bartenders can make quite phenomenal wage in a 4 -8 hour shift. And it can be great for networking clients coming in. Many people have been hired on to firms after their schooling from meeting an employer while dining or having a drink. It’s a great place to showcase your personality and explain what it is you’re aiming to achieve with your schooling.


Summer Guide or Camp Instructor


You’ve got a long break before you need to start your next year of classes. Why not travel and work outdoors? Being a tour guide for the summer peak season in Europe or North America is a great way of getting to travel and get paid at the same time. You’ll learn valuable people skills and it will look brilliant on a resume. Same with a Camp Counsellor.  Managing children or adolescents is going to have huge benefits in an interview. It’s also great to be  outside, taking hikes, biking and organizing camp activities. This is a great way to earn cash because both jobs will pay your living expenses on top of a salary. So everything you earn can be banked or put towards your loans.