Places to Visit in the South of France

Bored of your normal two week holiday in the sun? Want more than a beach and all-inclusive resorts? Are you looking for an adventure in the the South of France countryside? Why not visit the South of France where quaint and idyllic villages lay untouched by the hand of major tourism, where the views are to die for and where there is plenty of hiking and hiking to be done, and a plethora of world-class eateries just waiting to be discovered.

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Places to Visit in the South of France…

The South of France and Nice are synonymous with each other. With its wide sweeping bay, golden beaches and broad avenues, Nice is second only to Paris as the most popular place to visit for tourists. The famous and stunning Promenade des Anglais, the Russian Cathedral, the Matisse Museum and the Vieux Nice are just a small selection of places to visit in Nice.

Arles in the South of France is famous for its Roman heritage and also as the base for van Gogh when he created some of his most famous pieces of art. Arles and its Roman Amphitheatre, Forum and Theatre, seventeenth century mansions, modern museums, wide river and mazy streets is a must visit for anyone holidaying in the South of France.

St Tropez is the most chic, glitzy, sunny and celebrity filled place in the South of France. St Tropez is the home of the be seen ‘scene’. Anyone who is anyone has been spotted strolling along the beautiful beach-front of St Tropez, from Bridget Bardot to the latest winner of the X-Factor.  St Tropez is the summer home of the rich and famous, and is only second to Monaco for its impressive range of yachts tired up in the harbour.

Away from the glitz is Gorges du Verdon, known as France’s Grand Canyon. With a 700 metre drop to the river bed, the Gorges du Verdon is set right in the heart of the jewel of the South of France, Provence.

Finally no visit to the South of France is complete without a trip to Avignon, home to the Pope’s Palace. The largest Gothic Palace in all of Europe and once home to the Sovereign Pontiffs, the Palace is a symbol of powder in the Christian world, dating back to the fourteenth century. Avignon enjoys a mix of culture and history, all the while it is sat on the banks of the River Rhone, a stunning end to any trip to the South of France.