Plan a Hassle-free Trip to the Nordic Countries

The ‘Nordic countries’ is a term loosely used to include the nations of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. It also includes the autonomous regions of Greenland, Faroe Islands, Svalbard and Aland. Many people also term these countries as the Scandinavian region but that does not include Greenland.



The Nordic region is among the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Contrasting weathers, stark winters and mild summers, historic castles and manors, and some of the loveliest scenic areas make these countries a great holiday destination. Whether the traveller goes there in winter to enjoy the spectacular white winter land and some of the best skiing slopes in Europe, or whether he goes there in summer to drive through the different countries, this region has always been one of the world’s very popular tourist spots. Tourism is, in fact, one of the most thriving and popular industries of the Nordic countries.

Flights to Copenhagen from London are available all year round, and flights to Stockholm and Oslo are also available from destinations all over the world. These countries can be reached by train, air, sea and road and if the holiday is planned well, then it can be truly joyous and hassle-free. Whether the holidaying individual or group take the flights to Oslo or take a cruise around the Baltic region, they will be amazed by the variety of things they can do and see in some of Europe’s most beautiful areas.

The best time to visit the Nordic countries is during the summer season from, beginning from the month of May till September. If the plan is to visit as many countries as possible, then an itinerary that includes various modes of travel should be drawn up. The itinerary can be used as reference material during the trip. Travelling by car is easy and simple; the roads are beautiful and the hotels and resorts on the way can make the travel a delightful experience. A Baltic cruise is one of the most popular cruise itineraries in the world and it could include the Norwegian fjords, which are an amazing experience in themselves.

There is so much to do in all the cities in the Nordic countries. Things to do in Copenhagen could include visits to the Danish National Museum where visitors can feast their eyes on masterpieces of Rembrandt, Matisse and Renoir. They can cycle around the lovely lanes of the city, where the world moves at a gentler pace. They can also visit the observation tower at the Rundetarn and get a 360 degree view of this lovely city. Danish design is famous world over, and their architecture is unique. Just walking around the city will give the visitor some idea of why the Danes are amongst the world’s greatest visionaries when it comes to design.

Some of the things to do in Stockholm can encompass various activities, ranging from visits to the various art museums, to taking a boat sightseeing tour of the bridges of Stockholm. Arguably, Stockholm is the loveliest capital in the Nordic region and it carries within it centuries of colourful Swedish history and culture.

In the Nordic countries, everything works like clockwork, so schedules can be planned and adhered to easily. The trains and the ferries are easily available, and public transport is cheap and efficient within the cities. The accommodation ranges from fancy hotels to simple roadside inns serving home-made food and the famed Nordic hospitality. As with any trip anywhere, planning well in advance and purchasing all inclusive transport passes in each country can lead to an unforgettable and happy holiday.