Planning your funeral ahead of time

The elephant in the room. The thing no one wants to mention, or even think about but sometimes facing the reality of a situation can help mitigate the worry and without doubt, in this instance it can minimise cost.

Facing our own mortality is a scary subject indeed, but with the advances in medical technology and the amazing treatment available through health care that means even in the grimmest situation we can realistically extend our lives by months if not years. That also means that facing our own funerals is a distinct possible, one not afforded to the generations above.


So should we plan our own funerals ahead of time? Without any doubt a gravestone can be quite expensive, and combined with the cost of funerals themselves, numbers can easily spiral out of control, and five figure funerals are now very common indeed.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of planning your own funeral:

  1. Cost: Planning your funeral ahead of time allows you to set up payment plans, meaning that you can splash the clash a little and go the whole hog. Also, this means you won’t be lumbering your loving family with a heavy bill, avoiding potential fight about who owes what and how much, to whom. Removing this future financial stress is a wonderful thing to do with you family, and will allow them to grieve for you in a much more agreeable mindspace, the last thing they need is yet one more thing to stress about.
  2. Perfect Send Off: Who knows better about the sermons, or speeches you won’t read at your funeral than you? The right songs, hymns, the right atmosphere whether it’s Irish style with alcohol, or in a beautiful Church somewhere. This way you can make sure it’s exactly what you want, representing you just as you were, with no mistakes at any turn. Perfection.
  3. Closure and Acceptance: Knowing your time is coming to an end is the most difficult of all scenarios to adapt to, but planning your funeral has been known to draw a calming effect to those who undertake the logistic planning. Slowly it may help you come to terms with the reality of your situation, morbid? Sure. But anything that can help is welcome at this stage of life.
  4. Appreciation: Sit back, make plans with your loved ones and appreciate the journey you’ve had in life. Plan the perfect send off, organise your finances, accept your state and now simply soak up the memories, the nostalgia and reminisce to your heart’s content.

Planning a funeral is pricey, there are no two ways about it, but planning it ahead of time is becoming more and more common. Good luck on your journey.