Scandinavia Travel Highlights for Winter and Summer Holidays

The Nordic countries are great for winter sports, for summer holidays and for city breaks. Scandinavia is easy to get to, and many low-cost airlines fly to all the main Nordic cities. Several budget airlines have cheap flights to Copenhagen. Ryanair has cheap flights to Stockholm, and another good option is Norwegian with its cheap flights to Oslo and to other Scandinavian capitals.

stockholm archipelago
Winter Holidays in Scandinavia

In the winter Scandinavia is the ideal destination for winter sports. The ski season often starts already in November and continues to April. As well as skiing, the many ski resorts in Scandinavia have opportunities for snowboarding, cross-country skiing and other activities: try a reindeer or husky safari or a snowmobile safari. Cross-country skiing is especially popular in Scandinavia. There are thousands of miles of free, well-maintained tracks.

A reindeer safari can also include a visit to a traditional Sami village, where you can learn about the lifestyle of the indigenous people who have inhabited Lapland for centuries. Visitors to Lapland might be able to see the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) during the winter months; the best time to see the lights is around October and November, and again in February and March.

Christmas is a popular time to visit Scandinavia and especially Lapland. The official Santa Claus headquarters are located in the Arctic Circle in Finland, near the city of Rovaniemi. The Santa Claus Village is open around the year, but Christmas is the busiest time. This destination is always popular with families.

Summer Holidays in the Nordic Countries

In the summer there is something in Scandinavia for every girl and guy, whether you like rock festivals, hiking in wilderness or a peaceful weekend by a lake. The many national parks in Scandinavia have great opportunities for hiking. You can try a relaxed walk for a day, or you can go hiking for several weeks and camp in the wilderness.

The Midnight Sun means that in the northern parts of Scandinavia the sun does not set at all for weeks. Even in the south nights are very short, and it does not really get dark. The summer is a time for countless festivals in the Nordic countries: film festivals, music festivals and art events happen every weekend during the summer.

How to Get to Scandinavia

The Scandinavian cities are great for city breaks and long weekends. Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm all have a vibrant culture life, great nightlife, beautiful architecture and good restaurants. Helsinki, Finland is another popular destination for city breaks in the Nordic countries.

There are daily flights to Stockholm from most major European cities. Copenhagen is a major air travel hub, and you can get direct flights to Copenhagen from all parts of Europe. SAS and British Airways both have daily flights to Copenhagen from London. There are daily direct flights to Oslo from London with Norwegian. SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) also has connections via Copenhagen to other Nordic cities, including Helsinki.