South East Corner of New Zealand

New Zealand is a country of majestic beauty with a diverse and dramatic landscape. Around each corner awaits a another jaw dropping sight and over each crest another long winding corner to hang into while you drive your campervan on an adventure. The North Island possesses a wide variety of scenic locations and an array of activities but in many peoples opinion, the South Island comes out on top as the best island to drive a campervan around when visiting New Zealand.


The roads throughout New Zealand are spectacular, well maintained and fun to drive. As you leave Queenstown to head south through glacial valleys and across flat farm land, you get a feel of the real Kiwi lifestyle. Outdoors and in the open, with the harsh hilly landscape making you rev your engine to climb the tarmacadum mountains.

The South Island hosts many popular destinations such as Queenstown, Abel Tasman and Franz Joseph but an often overlooked gem is the South East corner.


As you leave Invercarrigal and head east towards Dunedin, you have a choice to follow the main highway (boring) or drive through the Caitlin’s and take in some of the rugged coastline. The rolling hills, never-ending forests, waterfalls and beaches give opportunity to take in some off the beaten track sights in New Zealand and this is all an especially great experience from behind the wheel of a campervan or motorhome.

The wildlife consists of native birds, sea lions, dolphins and ancient forests full of animals for you to witness. Yellow eyed penguins are a rare sight and often frequent the coast around he Catlin’s. The beaches in this region are secluded and magnificent. High cliffs get pounded daily by huge waves which shapes the coastline into edgy, overhanging rock faces.


I highly recommend spending a few days relaxing in the wilderness in your campervan  and exploring the Caitlin’s. Take your time, make stops along the way and enjoy the landscape.  Pay a visit to Mc.Clean Falls, a spectacular heavy waterfall which thunders into the forest down through the leafy canopy.

To explore this wonderful countryside and all it has to offer,  give yourself the time to enjoy the landscape and do not just race through. Choosing the right campervan to provide a comfortable and cosy experience whilst sleeping under the starry skies is paramount to make sure your experience is enjoyable, especially in winter.


Some motorhomes have gas heating and all the luxuries of home in a beautifully decorated interior. These amenities are essential for winter campervan trips and one of the companies with the best examples of all weather campervans is Wilderness campers. They have won many awards in regard to there high customer satisfaction and transparent booking policy and we truly enjoyed our trip in there excellent camper.

The South Island has much to offer each visitor and holds the title of being one of the best places in the world to take a motorbike trip or spend a few weeks in a campervan. The scenic landscape, winding roads and beautiful lakes give each visitor a chance to see unspoilt beauty like never before.

Along the South Islands West Coast is amongst the most spectacular scenery in the world. Abel Tasman to Greymouth down to Franz Joseph and Fox’s Glaciar will have you spending just as much time stopping to get out and enjoy the scenery as driving.