The Arguments *for* Hoverboards

With Back to the Future now consigned squarely to the past, many people are looking at how that series’ vision of the year 2015 compares with the real thing. In fact, the movies were not quite as far off as might be expected, as you can now own your very own hoverboard.

Also known as mini-segways or swegways, electric self balance hoverboards are small, two-wheeled platforms that can give you a unique riding experience, somewhere between a traditional segway and a skateboard. Whenever there is new technology, there are fears and controversy, and the hoverboard is no exception to this rule. Just where should you use one?Should you even be using one at all…?

A lot of people around the world have made arguments against hoverboards, but we should not forget that there are arguments for them as well.

Britain’s Department of Transport has forbidden usage of hoverboards in traffic. However, bear in mind that this is based on a 180-year-old law – one that was obviously drafted long before anyone had even considered the possibility of hoverboards. It is the job of rules and regulations to adapt to new technology, not the other way round.

The hoverboard is a gadget that could revolutionise the day to day lives of many people. Our schedules will be sped up considerably as we zip around town on two wheels. The daily shop, visits to friends – all of these will be drastically altered by open usage of hoverboards. And also remember that, compared to the automobile, the hoverboard is the model of greenness in motorised transport.

Another area of consideration is how hoverboards could potentially enhance the lives of people with certain disabilities, not to mention people who – for one reason or another – are unable to use a car or bicycle. Surely the hoverboard should be a possible choice for people such as these?

So while we should be aware of the safety concerns surrounding hoverboards, we should not write them off. Let’s stop to consider the benefits they can have first – after all, every technological innovation seemed like a silly gimmick at first.