Thriving U.S. Job Markets

Unemployment is a big topic of conversation in America. The recent financial recession has left many industries struggling to supply jobs. Most people in this country know, or know of someone that lost their job due to the economic downturn. Of those that were affected, construction, health care, and careers in real estate experienced a giant drop off in the number of jobs the industries were able to support.

Fortunately, some industries are beginning to aid a faltering U.S. job market, that many college graduates feel will never yield any actual steady and well-paying job. Consulting and technology are two industries seeing their job markets thrive. Careers in these fields can prove to be very rewarding and more abundant than others.

The Consulting Industries

Business in the United States today operate largely on data and analytics. The use of this information is incorporated into the everyday operations of many businesses. The analysis of important data can tell a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of a company, as well as find hidden problems or areas for economic opportunity.

Consulting careers focus on providing assistance with the operations of various companies across a range of industries. For example, a management consulting firm uses analytics and data to advise businesses on their operations and practices. These companies command a high price for expert advice on products, services, and the markets that control them.

Pursuing a career in the consulting industries can be a very rewarding life choice. These field is growing because of its increased uses by all sorts of businesses. In addition, it allows those involved to stay aware of many nationwide trends that pertain to business and the consulting of them. Additionally, jobs in this market are some of the highest paying in the country, as business pay top dollar for good advice. As a top-ten fastest growing market, jobs in this field are expected to grow by 40% by the year 2022. The rate of growth in this job market has led to a Cane Bay Partners collaboration with University of the Virgin Islands.

Out of this partnership they hope to develop a computational science and modeling curriculum. This specialized curriculum will train students in decision sciences, predictive analytics and econometrics, which are all paramount to jobs in the consulting field. More information about this and other opportunities can be found on the Cane Bay Partners Facebook page. This job field is growing rapidly, and the University of the Virgin Islands intends to keep their students ahead of the curve.

Technology Fields

The modern United States is run using technology. At home and at work, technology dominates the way we live. Few jobs these days can be done with knowledge of how to work a computer, or fix simple technical malfunctions. In addition, different software programs and apps help us organize our lives, stay informed on the world around us, and entertain ourselves for hours.

With everything that technology is used for, it is no wonder that it is one of the fastest growing job fields in the country. This field includes a wide variety of occupations and includes the making of the technology itself, the development of programs used to run it, and all the behind the scenes work that makes an iPhone a reality; acquisition of materials, hiring of employees, marketing etc. The complex process of producing new technology is making it feasible for these companies to hire more workers, as this job field is also expected to grow almost 40% by 2022.

Many are attracted to this career path because of just how important technology is in our everyday lives. We use it for almost everything, making technology that we regard as essential to living can result in high job satisfaction. Also, it allows those involved to be creative and innovative because of the nature of the industry, where we’re constantly looking for the next great technological advancement. The pay for someone in this job field is usually very good, as tech companies are thriving and able to pay workers exceptional salaries. While the job market does look bleak in some industries, others are thriving and giving new college graduates a reason to hope.