Tips for choosing an all-inclusive resort

In the past all-inclusive resorts were seems as a little tacky and did not ooze the quality that they do now. They were once known for their long buffet lines and compulsory wrist bands, nowadays all-inclusive resorts appeal to more affluent travellers. The fact that affluent customers are choosing this type of holiday means that the facilities are second to none, the food is of a high quality and there are other add-ons such as jacuzzis and plunge pools at your villa plus a butler service in some cases.


People lead hectic lives and therefore want their holiday to be as stress free as possible, if they pay for their all inclusive holiday they know that they have paid most of the money they will need to for their holiday. In a lot of cases all drinks and tips are included. When you look at a resort like the Bodyholiday St Lucia is is easy to see why the demand for all-inclusive holidays is on the up.


Of course it seems very easy to choose an all-inclusive holiday because of the convenience and luxury on offer, but there are some things you need to consider before booking your all-inclusive resort:


1. Do the math

A lot of the resorts will offer many services and add ons. You should take a look at everything they are offering and think about which you will actually use. If you don’t drink alcohol then the offer of unlimited alcohol is irrelevant, if you are happy to lay by the pool and get stuck in to a book then the offer of day trips/excursions makes no difference to you.


There are many services that you will want; most all-inclusive resorts include airport transfers, use of equipment such as water sports and activities for kids. All of these services can really add up if you are only booking a hotel with n add-ons.


2. Think about what you want from your holiday

If you are an explorer that like to go out and discover the destination that you are staying then an all-inclusive resort might not be suitable. Some people find all-inclusive resorts to be quite confined as you are usually expected to spend most of your time at the resort. On the other hand, if you like to relax and enjoy all of the facilities on offer then an all-inclusive resort is definitely the place for you. All lot of the resorts have so many activities and services that you won’t need to leave the resort.


3. Call an expert

It is definitely worthwhile calling a travel agent. If a travel agent has stayed at the resort you are looking to choose then the advice you will get will be invaluable – they will be able to answer all your questions about the type of room you should book.


4. Read the small print

The name all-inclusive can sometimes be deceiving, it is natural to assume that everything is included in the price. It is good practice to check the terms and conditions of your booking so that are not handed an unexpected bill when checking out.