Tips for Trekking in Northern Thailand

 A trip to Thailand involves a wide array of activities and adventures to choose from. From snorkeling and diving in the south to exploring the Buddhist temples, spicy food and getting to know the friendly people, Thailand has it all. Take some Thailand holidays advice from Trailfinders if you want to learn more about traveling in this amazing country.

One great activity that’s a favorite of many travelers is trekking in the north. The northern region of the country is known for its fantastic jungles and mountains, teeming with wildlife. The gorgeous natural landscapes will take your breath away as you spot exotic birds and plants, ride and bathe with elephants, and photograph the spectacular scenery. If ever you’ve imagined a place to escape from it all, this is it. Follow these tips for an awesome trek through northern Thailand:


Where to Go

Chiang Mai, the largest city in the north of Thailand, is a popular starting point for many treks through the region. Lots of tour companies reside in the city center, all of whom speak English so they can set you up with the perfect trip package. You can look online or just talk to your hotel to find some great recommendations. Generally these trips are all-inclusive, so they pick you up at your hotel in a van, drive you out of the city and you’ll spend the day or multiple days exploring the jungle. Meals and great company included!

What to Wear

You definitely want to pack light for a trek, but don’t forget to throw in an extra set of dry clothes. After a day of sweating and swimming in streams and waterfalls, you’ll want something clean to change into. Flip flops are a big no; bring sturdy tennis shoes to keep up with the group. Waterproof hiking boots are a bonus. You should be prepared for all kinds of weather; random torrential downpours are commonplace in Thailand so even bring a poncho to throw over yourself in case this happens. (Don’t worry, it will add to the excitement!)


Water Supply

You really can’t bring too much water when heading out on a trek through the hot jungle. The worst case would be getting dehydrated in a place without any water source. Your guide will bring water but make sure you bring a big bottle yourself; you’ll be sweating buckets so you’ll be grateful for it!

For Shutterbugs

Don’t forget to document this awesome adventure with your camera …and not just any camera, but preferably a waterproof one. Dust, dirt and water could hit anything you bring along, so only bring the camera if you think it can handle the trip. Other electronics should stay behind, such as smart phones and laptops!

Respect the Environment

Take care to remember that you’re exploring sacred natural land in Thailand. These jungles contain rare plants and animals that can only thrive in a healthy and biodiverse environment. They do not want your trash, they don’t want you to stomp all over the wildlife, and they don’t want you shouting in their habitat. Be mindful of where you are and take in your surroundings with a peaceful mindset!

If you choose to go on an elephant trek, follow these same rules. An elephant experience can be one of your most priceless memories in Thailand, so make sure to choose a responsible company that treats its animals well.