Tips to help you survive your move to Dubai

Moving to another country is always daunting so it’s always useful to have some vital information before moving. There are bound to be huge differences from your present country to one that you are planning to move to. Many people move to Dubai for work because they have been posted there by their company. The tips below are extremely useful if you don’t already have friends in Dubai or don’t know much about the country. Knowing what to expect when you arrive, how best to prepare and also how to move your items are the most important information you will need.


So here’s a list of some key tips to help your move a little easier:


1) Learn about Dubai

Before moving to Dubai it is essential that you learn about the country before you move. This is a highly recommended tip wherever you plan to move in the world. Some people take moving very easily but for some it is a very daunting task and somewhat scary. Learning more about the country, it’s history and culture will make you feel more at ease. It is key for you to learn about the place you are going to move and set up home.


2) Communication – be contactable

Before you move overseas it always good to make sure that your mobile phone will work abroad. By this I mean firstly having a device that has a roaming setting (meaning that you can use your current phone and sim card all over the world) and secondly that any sim card can be used in the phone – this might involve you ‘unlocking’ your phone before you travel so that you can put a local sim card in when you arrive in Dubai. It is important to be contactable throughout the she moving process, this will allow all relevant parties to easily contact you. For example if there is an issue with your shipping container you can be contacted easily.

Remember that roaming charges are very expensive so it is a good idea to get a local sim card as soon as possible. Keep your other sim card safe for the future. Make sure that you give out your new phone number to all the parties involved in your move, this will make the while process a lot smoother. With no phone your move could turn into a living nightmare, waiting for emails to arrive is not the best option, a call is much better!


3) Choose what you will bring and how you will get it there

Obviously the most important part of moving to Dubai are bringing your most valuable items with you. It is usually advisable to ship your goods using a container. There are many professional companies out there, don’t be shy to use a comparison website such as Using a comparison site will give you a list of different companies to use and let you find the best service at the best price. Once you have found a suitable moving company you must decide what you will bring with you on the plane. Nearly all airlines are very generous when it comes to luggage allowance on international flights, if you tell them that you are emigrating there is a very high chance that they will increase your baggage limit. Try to use all of the allowed weight you can, remember that you will be waiting for a few weeks for your container to arrive in Dubai. Bringing all essentials on the plane is a very worthwhile task and makes things easier in the future.