Top tips to avoid those airport blues

Your holiday’s booked, your flip flops and sunglasses are packed and the car is prepped for the trip of a lifetime.

Now there’s just one thing standing in-between you and a good time – the airport.

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Argh, probably a lot of you hate the airport, and it’s easy to see why – endless queues, full-body searches, endless queues, bland terminals, endless queues, probing questions and even more endless queues.

Indeed, they’re not exactly the bastions of relaxation that you want at the start of a holiday – according to national newspaper The Daily Mail, four in 10 people in a recent survey found airport visits more stressful than moving house.

So, what can you do to make your trip to the airport go from stress-fuel to Zen-cool? Follow some of these tips to find out.

Know your car is in safe hands

Driving to the airport can be a bit of a worry when you’re off on holiday. Leaving your car in a strange car park will have you feeling paranoid about your vehicle’s safety, making you unable to relax and enjoy your trip.

But fear not. The meet and greeters are here to remove that worry. By booking a meet and greet service, you’ll be able to drive straight to your terminal and have your car taken to a secure depot for the duration of your holiday.

If you’re returning at a different location, you could even have valets drive your car to it. It means that if you’re using Stansted meet and greet, you can have the company drive to Gatwick or Manchester airport, having your car awaiting you upon your return.

Bring your home comforts

The main factor that really gets to people at an airport is all that waiting with nothing to do.

That’s all you do – wait, wait, wait. But, as you would in your home, you can relieve that boredom by bringing along your favourite hobbies and past times.

Whether it’s an iPod, portable DVD player, books or magazines, you can chart a course away from boredom by simply bringing stuff to do. Even better, if you’ve got kids with you on your journey, devise a few fun travel games for them to play for those times when a Nintendo DS isn’t enough.

Know security regulations inside-out

Security – we all know it’s necessary in an airport, but it isn’t half tedious. There’s not too much you can do to stop the bane of security, but with a thorough knowledge of regulations, you can ensure that your passage through checkpoints will go smoothly.

Research regulations, making sure to find any updates or quirks in the rules, and you can breeze through security and into the departure lounge in no time.