Top tips to save time and money at Universal Studios

When visiting Universal Studios in Orlando there are some key tips you should follow to make sure you have a great time. We’ve compiled a list that aims to help you save time and money wen visiting this famous attraction.


1) Buy your Universal Studio Tickets and Express Passes in advance


This is our top tip and the easiest way for you to save a lot of time and money, all you have to do is buy your park tickets and express passes in advance.


2) Understand what is meant by ‘advance purchase’


Most visitors to Universal Studios don’t know that they don’t need to buy their advance tickets more than 24 hours before they arrive! You could be standing at the entrance to the park and simply call the Universal hotline rather than joining the big ticket line. All you need is your confirmation code to enter in to one of the self service machines.


3) You can upgrade you ticket later


If you have bought your ticket directly from Universal (which is always advisable) it is very easy to upgrade your ticket at any of the guest service desks. The tip here is that if you are not sure which ticket you require then buy the cheapest option, it means that you can upgrade at a later time and won’t be wasting any of your money. If you are purchasing your ticket through a third party then you should always ask about what options you have for upgrading your ticket. Read the small print!


4) Consider purchasing VIP tickets or stay onsite rather than buying regular express passes


It’s fantastic trick and not know by many people! You can get unlimited express pass access or accommodations at one of the park’s on-site hotels for about the same price as you would already be spending on tickets and regular express passes.


5) Booking a package holiday


When you are booking your Universal holiday it is worth weighing up whether to stay on or off site. It is advisable to book one of the official Universal holiday packages. The price will be very similar to the price you would pay for an off-site hotel and the park tickets, the other bonus is that you will get early admission to such popular rides as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. If you choose to stay on-site you will get unlimited express pass access and early park admission – two things that could make your holiday a lot more relaxed and convenient.