Touring Around Italy

Italy is a country of many things. Sights, sounds, culture, color – the list goes on and on. Touring around Italy can be done in many different ways, and all corners of the country can be reached (mostly), using public transport, such as train, bus or ferry.


However, it may be worth considering hiring a car in order to get about the country. This way, you will have no limits as to where you go, and will not be bound by time tables and schedules. There is nothing worse than waiting around for a bus or train, or worse still, having to run to catch public transport, especially on the way back to your accommodation!

You may find that, having your own transport to get you around the countryside will open up more options to you. You will be able to soak in more, as you are not bound by pre determined time tables. You are your own master, and can come and go as you please.

The internet is an essential tool, when you have decided to go touring around Italy. A great resource to start you off is Using the Internet will prove to be a great assistant for planning routes, and moving around efficiently.

The Italian countryside is breath taking in every sense of the word, and is often overlooked in favour of some of the more well known landmarks through out the country, such as the Leaning Tour of Pisa, The canals of Venice or Santa Maria del Fiore. Each of those is well worth going to see, and will last long in your memory, but if you are after something quieter, why not put the family into the car, and head for the country side, with a picnic? You can always take in the sights at another time.

If looking for something a little different, consider Positano (Amalfi Coast). You will not find a better mix of unusual and amazing scenery, landscape and architecture in the entire country. Positano itself is built on a hillside, and the buildings appear to “run” down to the sea front from the top – its a sight to behold for sure.

Finally, it should go without saying, that a visit to the Colosseum is a must, on any visit to Italy. Steeped in history, this building has lost none of its imposing impression down through the centuries.

Those are a few small ideas to consider, for touring around Italy.