Travel Fees Associated With Timeshare Holidays

Having a luxury timeshare to jet off to is something that a lot of families enjoy looking forward to each year. However, the destination of these timeshares can often be a long haul flight away, or at least a very long drive.

The costs of travelling to and from your destination coupled with the yearly maintenance fees that a timeshare brings with it means that these costs can quickly add up.

Typically when people and families are budgeting for their break to the sun they don’t factor in the timeshare ownerships costs into the overall equation.

Air Expense 

With the current worldwide recession in full blown activity, the cost of fuel has risen to a new record high. It is rumoured that airfare travel will continue to steadily rise over the next twenty years. The current average airfare has already risen 10% from this time last year.
However, even with these increasing costs, flying is still relatively cheap as a method of travelling.

Car Travel Expense

Ok, so you drive to the airport, park your car for a week or two then come back and drive home. These fees are always overlooked by timeshare owners. Parking your car in the airport can cost up to $100 a week if not more. Petrol costs getting to and from the airport may vary depending on the distance involved. In addition to this, you will have to get some mode of transport from the airport at your destination or in some cases, you will have to rent a car for the duration of your stay.

Many Fees

While a lot of timeshare owners are content with paying all the related fees that are associated with travelling to/from their holiday destination, others are starting to view these costs as the final nail in the coffin. When you combine these expenses with other maintenance fees along with the hassle of scheduling your time at the property, then owning a timeshare can sometimes be less feasible than you initially thought.


Resort Management Association can help look after all your timeshare needs. They will help prevent timeshare owners from getting scammed, while eliminating all related financial obligations.

If you are feeling that your timeshare deal is getting on top of you then seeking assistance from people who understand the timeshare situation and property market will help get things under control again.

Don’t let complications resulting from you owning a timeshare property get in the way of you having a wonderful vacation.