With a little help from my friends

Picture it: you’re away from home, on the holiday of your dreams, traveling through amazing countries and meeting people with the most interesting stories you’ve ever heard. You’re eating foods you’ve never seen, laying on beaches and seeing sights that are hundreds of years old. You’re traveling, and your mind and heart will never be the same!

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We all know that it takes money to travel, and it’s important to prepare financially before you hit the road. Careful preparation, by saving up and making sure you have enough to cover your costs, is always a wise move before you take off. But the reality is that financial troubles can and do arise during travels, and it can be very devastating especially if it’s your first time abroad. And even if it’s not, running out of money puts a major damper on your experience traveling. But a situation like this doesn’t have to ruin your entire holiday or backpacking adventure.


How money problems arise

If you find yourself in a financial pickle abroad, find comfort in the fact that you’re far from alone. Travelers face money problems every day, for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, pickpocketing and theft are major problems for travelers. Subways and buses are areas that are a major risk for this type of theft. Oftentimes pickpockets will have one person distract you while another fishes your wallet out of your bag. After that point you’re out of luck- with cash and credit cards gone, you have to figure out the next best way to cover your costs. Other times, travelers just run out of cash. Travel costs can come out to more than they estimated; the costs of hotel, attractions, and transportation can exceed many people’s expected budgets.

If something like this happens to you, you don’t have to let it derail your entire experience. These days, it’s easy to get money transferred to you so you can continue your travels while you wait for your new cards.


Money transfers

If you run out of cash while traveling, whether because of theft or any other reason, you can easily arrange an international money transfer to cover you. Good friends at home will have your back and in just the click of a button on Transfast.com, you’ll be back on the road without any worries. When making an international money transfer, keep in mind that fees will arise for either the sender, the recipient or both. This is completely normal and just a regular part of the process. Also, be sure to keep in mind the exchange rate from your home country to the country where you’re traveling. This can be a source of extra fees, especially if your provider claims to be “commission free.” In this case, they often take more out of the exchange rate so you’re not actually getting as much for your money as you should.