Good Things Come in Twos: Wonderful Stay and Good Food

So you make a snap decision to pop off to Dublin or Cork, have been lucky enough to find a last minute flight deal into the city from London and there you are, cosily ensconced for the weekend in one of the affordable four star hotels in the heart of Dublin. You could do worse […]

How Energy Conservation Helps Your Budget

When it comes to staying on a budget and keeping your costs down overall, taking control of your monthly utility bills is definitely the easiest way to trim your expenses without sacrificing anything while you do it.  And by far the easiest method of cutting down your monthly utility spending is by practicing energy efficient […]

Round the World Hotels

Escape the everyday and learn to explore new cultures and taste interesting foods. Affordable travel can be the experience of a lifetime! specializes in comfortable, reasonably priced travel hotels for students and everyone on a budget. Auckland, New Zealand: Bella Vista Express Hotel Auckland is a fascinating blend of European, Asian, Polynesian and Maori […]

How To Plan my Nordic Adventure Ahead Of Time

If you want to have a Nordic adventure on your next vacation, consider taking a cruise or taking flights to Copenhagen. From your first stop, you can hop from one country to another by car, train or plane with your family and visit other places nearby. You and your companions can also take fights to […]

Make your home work for you on your holiday

So you’re planning that dream holiday, trying to fit weeks and months of travelling into your budget. But since you’re going to be away so long, why not boost your savings pot by making your house work for you while you’re away? The market for holiday lets in Britain is strong – both from foreign […]

Finding Your Perfect Accommodation in Tuscany: A Simple Guide

When it comes to absolute dream vacations that people have been wishing and hoping for, the chance to relax under the Tuscan sun often tops many lists. And while the chance to jet off to Italy might seem like something that’s a bit impossible, the truth is that arranging for the perfect trip to Tuscany […]

Buying a New Car is Better than Buying an Old Car

The world is an expensive place but the good news is that if you can plan and put together a budget, pretty much anything is possible, whether you want to go on an adventure with your family or buy a new car. Buying a new car might seem counter intuitive to spending money. Used cars […]

Top 5 reasons to Holiday in Qatar

Oil, sand, shopping malls, Persian Gulf and natural reserves; this is how the majority of people in the world would define this small Western Asian country called Qatar. Occupying the small Qatar peninsula on the North Eastern coast of Arabian Peninsula, Qatar is considered as one of the richest countries in the world by Forbes […]

Top Singapore Sites for Family Fun

While it’s difficult to go wrong with international holidays, some cities manage to stand out above others as great places to visit, especially when dealing with the added complexity of traveling with small children. Due to its modern construction, plethora of attractions, friendly populace, and a myriad of other factors, Singapore has emerged as a […]