Tips to help you survive your move to Dubai

Moving to another country is always daunting so it’s always useful to have some vital information before moving. There are bound to be huge differences from your present country to one that you are planning to move to. Many people move to Dubai for work because they have been posted there by their company. The […]

Saving money on your travel medications

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun – scheduling tours, seeing friends and family, or just experiencing another part of the world for a change.  One needs to consider airfare, finding the right accommodations, and think about the schedule, right?  But there’s one more thing many people simply forget – ensuring that they […]

Family holiday to Florida on a budget

Florida, which is on the south coast of the US, has been a thriving tourist hotspot fro many many years. It is without question the place to go for amusements parks and fantastic weather, it is because of this that every year tourists flock to the area. A lot of people presume that a family […]

Florida Theme Parks – tips for first time visitors

When visiting a Florida theme park for the first time it is important to plan a head and now exactly what to expect so that you save yourself time and have all your time focused on enjoying yourself. After you have bought your Florida Theme park tickets it is time to plan for your day […]

Top tips to save time and money at Universal Studios

When visiting Universal Studios in Orlando there are some key tips you should follow to make sure you have a great time. We’ve compiled a list that aims to help you save time and money wen visiting this famous attraction.   1) Buy your Universal Studio Tickets and Express Passes in advance   This is […]

Tips for choosing an all-inclusive resort

In the past all-inclusive resorts were seems as a little tacky and did not ooze the quality that they do now. They were once known for their long buffet lines and compulsory wrist bands, nowadays all-inclusive resorts appeal to more affluent travellers. The fact that affluent customers are choosing this type of holiday means that […]

Make it Memorable in Lapland

Spending springtime in Lapland A Lapland holiday during spring are often more affordable than other seasons, in particular winter, which can see prices soar dramatically. The change in Lapland from winter to spring is phenomenal, when plains of snow melt away and fields of grass bloom in their place. Evergreen trees are as green as […]

Exploring the history of Mexico

The word Mexico can conjure up images of poverty and dustbowls, revolutionaries and short-lived presidencies, and currently one of the worst illegal drug problems in the world. Hopefully, this image of Mexico will soon be a thing of the past, as an emerging middle-class and intense financial investment initiatives raise expectations of the country becoming […]