With a little help from my friends

Picture it: you’re away from home, on the holiday of your dreams, traveling through amazing countries and meeting people with the most interesting stories you’ve ever heard. You’re eating foods you’ve never seen, laying on beaches and seeing sights that are hundreds of years old. You’re traveling, and your mind and heart will never be […]

Most common injuries on your travel

Traveling should be a pleasurable occupation, whether taking a short vacation at a beach resort or trekking round the world for a few months. For the most part travel is highly enjoyable, with opportunities to explore new countries and cultures, take part in exciting activities such as skiing or surfboarding, or just putting the feet […]

Business and Pleasure in KwaZulu Natal

The route from Gauteng down through KwaZulu Natal is well worn. Johannesburg is the largest commercial centre in Africa and Durban the largest container port, so business links are natural. KwaZulu Natal’s coastline means that the route is also well trodden by tourists heading off on their holidays. The region itself was the scene of […]

Top tips to avoid those airport blues

Your holiday’s booked, your flip flops and sunglasses are packed and the car is prepped for the trip of a lifetime. Now there’s just one thing standing in-between you and a good time – the airport. Argh, probably a lot of you hate the airport, and it’s easy to see why – endless queues, full-body […]