Barbados, Far More than Just a Beach

When you hear the words Barbados and Caribbean, images of white sands and azure waters pop into your head. And these are not wrong. But there is more to Barbados than just the beach making your journey to the island ever more worthwhile. Barbados is known as the Little Britain of the Caribbean for its […]

Around the world for sport

Fancy a sports vacation? Every year people jet set off to far-away lands to spend time watching sports. We live in a world where we have high definition, 3D images of the top sporting events beamed direct to our living rooms, but many people still prefer the thrill and excitement of watching sports live. Live […]

Making the most of your money on an Inca Trail tour

Although the Inca Trail is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in the world, the cost of travelling to Peru can be off-putting if you’re on a tight budget for your holiday. While seeing Machu Picchu in all its glory from the famous Sun Gate is something you can’t really put a monetary value […]