Top French Riviera Adventures Off the Beaten Path

The French Riviera is a popular holiday for anyone looking for a great mix of outdoor fun, cultural attractions, great food and wine and incredible scenery. Most people have some of the top cities on their list like Nice and Cannes, which are there for good reason because they are incredible cities with tons to […]

Africa’s Technological Growth

You might not think of Africa as a current leader of technology in the world, but it’s made leaps and bounds over the past few years that are setting it up for this very position. With its massive population and resources, it’s always been a continent with the potential to break through as a world […]

Simple Tips for Saving Money on Calls Abroad

Whether you’re studying abroad, travel extensively for work, or have friends and family in far-flung locations; phone bills can be difficult to manage. As the world becomes more connected, a wider range of options has arisen than in the past to facilitate international communication. You no longer have to put up with high rates from […]