I was all for the Bed and Breakfast experience – until the dog ate my homework!

I recently traveled to Los Angeles from Charlotte, North Carolina for a conference where I was slated to participate on a panel about transportation.  If I had used Hotels.com like my friends had advised me to, I’d have a much different ending to my story.  And if I had used a Groupon offering deals with a Hotels.com coupon, I’d have saved money.  But I decided to bunk with a friend I’d known since college, ten years prior, and looked forward to the opportunity to catch up and save money.  I found her on one of those rent a room in a private home sites where she offered a room with a view and kitchen privileges for such an enticing price, I took the offer without hesitation.

With my accommodations secured, I could focus on the theme of my talk which was centered on how our needs can go unmet for decades before the money, infrastructure and community support come together to get projects underway.  Funding is always an issue, and the voices of those who want things to stay the way they are get louder with each survey that says Millennials want sustainability and light rail built into plans for new neighborhoods.   Light rail has been known to take years of haggling, negotiations and town hall meetings before the golden spade hits the dirt, signaling the ground breaking of a new project.  Los Angeles waited for decades before the first leg of its system got underway.  If anyone could relate to the problems one encounters getting approval for new transportation, they could.

So I packed up my Powerpoint presentation and headed to what was billed as a pet friendly, bright and airy room just minutes from the city center.  Plus, the short walk from her apartment in a downtown high rise to the conference center a half mile away would be all the exercise I’d have time for.  I only had to rework a few pages and I’d be all set.  I let my team know I’d have the link in the mail after dinner and headed out for a night on the town.

I’m not one to stay up late under any circumstances and getting in after midnight was tough for me.  Plus the time change was a shock to my system.  I was so sleepy, I drifted off, telling myself I’d get up early and shoot off the last changes we needed.  Instead, I awoke to the sounds of paws ripping through paper as my friend’s dogs gleefully romped on the bed, licked my face, and knocked over a glass of juice that flooded my phone.   When I charged at one of them, he ran away with my notes.   I never got a good night’s rest, until I decided to spend the rest of my stay at a hotel I found nearby and used a Groupon code to book it through Hotels.com.  I saved over 50% off and got all the amenities I needed.  There, I enjoyed restful nights, quiet evenings on the balcony, great food at nearby restaurants, and even caught a glimpse of a celebrity or two.  Don’t let your stay go to the dogs.  When you travel for work or play, use a money saving Groupon for Hotels.com.