Best Cruise Ports of Call for Beach Lovers

If you’re planning a cruise holiday then it’s probably safe to say that you’re partial to the sun and the sea. While you’ll get plenty of those onboard your luxury cruise ship, it’s the shore visits that really stand out when it comes to soaking up the rays and enjoying the surf. Here are some of the top ports of call for beach lovers to get sand between their toes on shore visits.

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If you’re aboard an Aussie cruise and Sydney is on the itinerary then it’s the perfect opportunity to check out one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Bondi. It’s the perfect little bay, containing some of NSW’s most sought after surf and hosting an ever-changing array of travellers, tourists, backpackers and die-hard surfers. It’s esplanade is packed with fun little bars and great restaurants, all with spectacular views of this pristine beach and the enveloping cliffs that help create the world-famous waves. From dawn to dusk the shore is packed with sunbathers and the sea is full of surfboards.


Not far from Ft Lauderdale in Florida, the home base for many of Royal Caribbean’s fleet, you can find Miami. It’s beaches are world renowned but perhaps its most famous stretch of sand is South Beach. South Beach is the place to seen, its sandy shores graced by the who’s who of Florida and a very popular beach for local and travelling surfers. It covers miles of the coastline and is perfect for a long beach jog or lazing in the sun people-watching until you’re sufficiently tanned. The architecture here is what really makes a lasting impression, even the lifeguard towers are of impressive design and all manner of private building and public amenity adding interest and intrigue to the coastline.


Amongst the islands of Sicily lies Lampedusa, a small island off the south coast, which is home to Rabbit Beach. Voted the best beach in the world this year by Tripadvisor reviewers, Rabbit Beach boasts an isolated feel and crystal clear Mediterranean waters. It’s almost completely untouched by humans, other than those who travel there to enjoy the stunningly white shores and paddle in the azure shallows. It’s also one of the only places in the Mediterranean where Loggerhead turtles come to lay their eggs – a real treat for nature-loving beach goers if the season is right.


Amongst the stunning cluster of Caribbean islands lies Aruba, an island of pristine stretches of white beach enveloped by breathtaking blue ocean. A green island both in vegetation and power, local government has declared that within 10 years, 100% of the island’s power will come from renewable sources, making it an eco-pioneer among luxury vacation destinations.

Aruba’s most popular beach, Palm Beach, is a must visit for keen Caribbean cruisers. The warm waters are totally calm, making this the ideal place to spend a whole day bobbing in the ocean. It’s one of Aruba’s most populated areas so there are plenty of amenities, activities, dining options and lots of luxury accommodation too.

So, whatever corner of the world your cruise is taking you, make sure you try to head to one of these unparalleled beaches if you really want to savour the world’s best stretches of sand and surf.