Travel + Money

Peace of mind with travel insurance

Going on holiday is one of the most exciting things that you can experience in life, you get to do things that you only dream of when staying at home. Visiting amazing beaches and eating exotic foods are just some of the things that you could do, but everyone knows the old adage that things […]


BOOK A LAST MINUTE DEAL Most people prefer booking their holidays earlier for better deals but last minute deals could also save you a great deal of money. This is because sometimes planes or cruises may not have sold off all their tickets by the time they intend to travel and nobody likes to send […]

Benefits of an all-inclusive holiday

All-inclusive ‘package’ holidays have always been a popular holiday choice for holidaymakers and they haven’t lost their appeal. If anything, they’re getting more popular, with more and more types of holidays and accommodation – from family resorts to high end hotels – offering all-inclusive options. There’s always a multitude of cheap all-inclusive holidays available online […]

Can Car Sharing Cut your Travel Costs?

Car sharing services like RelayCars and ZipCar are becoming increasingly popular. They provide an alternative to car ownership, making them particularly useful for drivers living in urban settings. However, do they really save you money? How do rental fees for car sharing service measure up to other alternatives like traditional car rental or public transportation? […]

Last minute deals to tick off your bucket list

If you’ve made a bucket list with 50 items on it, it’s likely to take you many years to complete, especially if you’ve not yet got around to doing any of them in 2013. However, taking a late deal this autumn could see you get one or even several steps closer to achieving your dreams, […]

How to save money on a holiday to the Costa del Sol

There’s nothing like a holiday in the sun to help you feel relaxed and refreshed. However, if money’s a bit tight, travelling on a budget might add unwanted stress to your getaway. So how do you save money, while still enjoying your much-needed break from the rat race? Choosing a low-cost destination is a good […]

Saving money on your travel medications

Planning a trip can be a lot of fun – scheduling tours, seeing friends and family, or just experiencing another part of the world for a change.  One needs to consider airfare, finding the right accommodations, and think about the schedule, right?  But there’s one more thing many people simply forget – ensuring that they […]

Family holiday to Florida on a budget

Florida, which is on the south coast of the US, has been a thriving tourist hotspot fro many many years. It is without question the place to go for amusements parks and fantastic weather, it is because of this that every year tourists flock to the area. A lot of people presume that a family […]