Easy UK Summer Activity Ideas

When it comes to family friendly and budget based summer fun, finding the perfect combination of fun-filled, easy on the pocketbook, fun for the whole family can be a bit daunting to say the least. Some families dream of that long sought after getaway to the likes of Disneyworld in Florida, with it being nothing but a pipedream, but that doesn’t mean the summer is bust. Here are a few top holiday ideas that will work for most families and budgets in 2019.


Camping throughout the world is always a popular summer activity. It gets the kids away from their gaming tablets, and lets the family reconnect out in the wide expanse of nature. Did you know that sleeping outside for just even a few days helps reset your melatonin levels and provides more restful sleep? All the more reason to book a camping holiday this summer to one of your favourite campsites in the world!


When it comes to camping and caravanning, one of the most popular destinations is Cornwall. Caravan holidays in Cornwall are massively popular due to the rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, opportunities for sea sports like fishing or bodyboarding and more. Visiting sites like castles, coastal paths for hiking, woodlands and more are popular activities and provide everyone of all ages something to enjoy.

Weekend Breaks

Weekend breaks – while they tend to involve flying off to the continent somewhere interesting and cheap such as Prague – can also be a great opportunity to get out to a different county in the UK as well. Depending where you’re from throughout the country you may never have set foot in some of the various countries that are known for attracting visitors. Places such as Great Yarmouth, Cornwall, Brighton, Kent and the Peak District are all great spots that many people flock to year after year due to their numerous things to do and see for people of all ages.

Theme Parks

Theme parks throughout the UK are a hot commodity when it comes to entertaining the kids over the summer. With great options such as Legoland, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventure and Paulton’s Park, there’s a number of great ideas spread throughout the country for people of all ages to get their thrill on and enjoy a day or two out.

So whatever your budget this year, and however you plan to spend your holidays, this list of ideas should help you begin to plan an action packed summer full of adventure and excitement!