What to Expect From a Great Dentist


If you were to believe the dental marketing that you see everywhere that you go, you would be able to go into just about any dentist, and receive the very best care, leaving with the greatest smile that the world has ever seen. Whist everyone knows that the truth is often exaggerated during these marketing campaigns, it does raise the issue about what we should be expecting from our dental surgeries and the care which we are provided with. Dental work does not come cheap so it is crucially important that you know exactly what to expect from your dentist, and what not to expect, let’s take a look.


Beyond everything else you should always expect a warm and friendly service from all parties in your dental surgery. Whether you are speaking with a receptionist on the phone, or at the wrong end of the dentist’s drill, you should be treated as a prized customer, and someone who deserves the best care available.


There are two sides in reality to dentistry, the first is the area of dentistry that deal with overall oral health and hygiene, and then there is the cosmetic side of things. When it comes to your dentist, you should be looking for one which offers both sides of dentistry, because you never know what you may want to have done in the future. Cosmetic dentistry can be something very simple like adding a white filling rather than a great one to complex issues such as having veneers placed over your teeth. The reason why it makes sense to have a dental surgery that offers both, is simply for your own comfort and peace of mind.


Something which dentists have struggled with for many years was being over capacity in terms of the patients that they had, causing a long wait for an appointment. In recent years however many dental surgeries have decided to trim the numbers slightly to make sure that everyone can get an appointment without waiting for an eternity. When you are on the lookout for a great dental practice this is something which you will most certainly have to review. Any more than a week of waiting for a non-emergency appointment is too long, if waits like that continue then it is perhaps time to find another dentists.

Great With Nervous People

Not everyone loves going to the dentist, in fact there are a huge number of us that absolutely hate it, so you need to make sure that you have a dentist who knows how to treat those among us who get a little nervous when we need to go to the dentist. Having a dentist who can calm and soothe you during your time in the surgery is vitally important and it is this which separates and average dentist from a great dentist.