Family holiday to Florida on a budget

Florida, which is on the south coast of the US, has been a thriving tourist hotspot fro many many years. It is without question the place to go for amusements parks and fantastic weather, it is because of this that every year tourists flock to the area. A lot of people presume that a family holiday to Florida, or more specifically, Orlando, will cost an absolute fortune and mean that you have to save for a couple of years or sell the family car. Not all family holidays in Orlando are expensive and it is very easy to find cheap holidays to one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world! There is a lot that the whole family can enjoy in Orlando and Florida that won’t break the bank and mean that you have to bring an extra credit card with you. Below we talk about a lot of activates that are ‘wallet friendly’ and also some activities that are completely free.

Most family holidays to Florida will have a theme park visit at the top of the list. The two main parks are Disney World and Universal Studios, they are a must do on any family’s checklist. In order to get the best deal on tickets you should make sure that you book your tickets online – the best discounts and deals can be found when booking directly with Universal Studios on their website.

Walt Disney World can be a very expensive day out, it is an experience that all the kids want to have. Sometimes it is very difficult to justify the sky high admission price to the park and people simply can’t afford it. In order to appease your kids and to have the Disney experience you should head to the Downtown Disney Marketplace and Boardwalk. These two places will give you the Disney feel without the high ticket price. There are restaurants there that cater to every budget, street performances are always going and the Lego Imagination Center is also there. The Lego Imagination Center is fantastic, your kids will be able to walk around and check out the huge Disney replicas that are built entirely from Lego, the kids will also be able to build their own Lego creations. This center is a real hit and will keep the whole family happy. One great money saving tip is to watch the Magic Kingdom Fireworks but not to enter the park. You can see the fireworks from the Transportation and Ticket Center, you get a great view that’s free!

Of course, parents need sometime to relax and go somewhere that isn’t geared towards kids. There are plenty of options which are free; The Grand Bohemian Gallery, where you can se 19th and 20th century paintings. You can head to the city’s central park area to see one of their free Popcorn Flicks. A great outing is to head to Big Tree Park for a picnic.

Family Builds Sandcastle

We can’t finish this article without mentioning the beach! There are lots of beaches to choose from spread along the coast line, the best thing about beaches is that they’re free!

If you follow some of these tips you’ll definitely save money. Look out for great hotel deals as well to ensure that you can visit Florida with out breaking the bank.