Free Ways to Entertain Yourself

Regardless of what your financial situation is or how much money you make, finding free stuff to do is always the best option when you are looking to entertain yourself. Many people think that you have to spend money in order to enjoy yourself but this isn’t the case at all, and there are a great many free activities which you can take on to pass the time, have some fun and most importantly, save some money. If you are unsure of what kind of things you could be doing for free, check out some of these options and have some free fun this weekend.



The first thing to do is to check what free events are taking place in your local area. You can find this information online, and you will be surprised at just how many things are taking place, free of charge. Generally you will find theater events, cinema screenings, live bands and fun days, which charge absolutely nothing, a great way to get out and about, without spending a dime.

The Bedroom

What is more entertaining that spending some time in the bedroom, either alone or with company? This is a free activity which needs no planning at all, and will leave you entirely satisfied. Whether you are alone with vibrators or you are in the throes of passion with your partner, make sure that you really make time for sex, prepare beforehand and really invest all of your energy and your time, for the most exhilarating experience possible.

Board Games

Board games remain very popular in spite of the competition which they have faced from video games. A great way to have a fun and free night is to get the board games out and invite some friends over for some old fashioned fun. Games such as Clue and Monopoly are timeless classics which can provide endless hours of fun, a great way for you to enjoy yourself without spending money.

Learning Something New 

With the internet at our fingertips, we have access to more information than we have ever had in our lives, information which we can use to further our knowledge. A great idea therefore, to keep yourself entertained without spending any cash, is to embark on a learning experience online. For example you could decide that you are going to learn all about how cars are made, or about animals in the jungle, or brush up on your music history, the world is your oyster here, and the choice is all yours. Make sure that you take a smart approach to this and really study what you find, rather than simply reading it and moving on. You must also be disciplined as the internet is a place with a huge amount of distractions. What better way to spend your free time than filling your head with some new and exciting knowledge!

So there you have it, some great ways to spend some time, without spending money.