Luxury Travel on a Sustainable Budget


When thinking of travel some destinations like Iran do not automatically come to mind. However, some of these little known of places could actually turn out to be very affordable and might surprise you with their treasures. Luxury holidays in Iran will actually end up costing far less than budget holidays elsewhere.


Iran is basically affordable and well worth it by western standards. Stay in lodges, eat in restaurants and travel in buses; in this way you will get to experience all about Iran without being broke at the end of your trip. Though it suffers image problems you only have to get there and see it for what it is. It is a fascinating country with warm hearted people that enjoy a sophisticated culture.

Visit the capital city Tehran and you will be amazed by rich culture, spectacular museums, majestic palaces and serene gardens which will create a new image of this country very different from the one created by the press. Visit the ancient ruins of Persian empires, through to the mighty deserts of Cyrus the great in Yazd and enjoy the beauty of Islamic cities.


Morocco is a fascinating country with vast attractions as a result of its diverse geographical features that vary from mountainous, golden sandy deserts to relaxed sandy beaches not forgetting the intriguing cities which ooze rich history, culture and religion. It is a country that can sustain you on a minimal budget and still has a variety of high end destinations.

If you love discovering the mysteries of cultures then in Morocco you can pursue this by staying in Berber lodges which offer the perfect alternative for a luxury hotel in the Atlas Mountains. Here your heart will be warmed up by the welcoming Berber hospitality, food and rich culture. Morocco’s enchanting cultural capital is never short of Berber hospitality where traditions meet modern conveniences with grandeur. They offer delicious cuisines which have survived for generations and you get to sample the best in the Berber lodges. Prices are reasonably fair, but the treatment is irrationally great!


Soak up in the dazzling sapphire seas , idyllic sandy beaches and mythical historical treasures that have attracted both the young and the old to its charming islands. Problem though is that it is not cheap and you might end up breaking the bank. However you can still visit Greece on a minimal budget and without feeling left out or limited.

Make use of ferries rather than by planes. It is still the most romantic, scenic, comfortable and cheapest way of getting from one ferry to the next. There are superfast catamarans that could save you time but cost twice the cost of ferries and the rides are bumpy and make you Sea sick.

Though hostel accommodation may not have picked up here like in the rest of Europe, this is still one of the cheapest accommodations. The island of Corfu boasts of its fun packed Pink Palace which is clean with private dorm rooms and no age limitations.