Magical Wildlife in Menorca

When it comes to wildlife in the Mediterranean, there’s nowhere more diverse than the landscapes of Menorca. Bird watching and fishing are very popular and time-honoured pastimes here, and there are plenty of opportunities to experience alternative tourist activities that you wouldn’t usually associate with the island. For lovers of planets and trees, there are a number of secret gardens with a wealth of tropical fauna and flora to see, and from the zoos to the nature parks, you’re never too far away from a great day out. If you’re thinking of visiting Menorca in the near future, let’s take a look at some of the best magical wildlife on the island. Furthermore, see, for some of the best online deals on airfares!


With a variety of ecosystems in the Menorcan countryside, the landscape is much like a mosaic of wildlife. Indeed, these ecosystems are as diverse as the animals that live in them, but they’re also connected in ways we understand, and ways we don’t. When it comes to tourists, this gives visitors the opportunity to experience a wealth of different plants and animals in a compact geographical area, instead of having to travel to different parts of the island.

The most common animal in Menorca, other than the huge population of birds, is the lizard. There are two species of lizard on the island, the Moroccan Rock and the Wall lizards, as well as 10 subspecies, and they can be found near the sea as well as in the dense inland areas. They’re not harmful to humans, and can actually be quite friendly if you’ve got some crumbs in your pocket!

Tortoise and Geckos

The Moorish Gecko, Common Wall Gecko and the House Gecko are also popular reptiles you’ll come across in Menorca, however its unlikely you’ll be able to tell them apart! The European Pond Turtle and Hermann’s Tortoise are other inhabitants of Menorca, however these are more likely to be found near the shoreline, wondering the rocks and sands at night-time. Menorca is also home to snakes, but hardly of the poisonous or dangerous kind. These are field snakes, and spend their days catching rodents in the countryside, like the False Smooth Snake, Viperine Water Snake and the Ladder Snake.

Mammals, Insects and Plants

Throughout Menorca’s 500 or so coves, there are a wealth of furry and exciting mammals to be found! From the European Rabbit and the Lesser White-toothed Shrew to the Black Rabbit and the Least Weasel, the mammal population of the island is very well represented. Just like birds, their main source of food – insects – can also be found in abundance. From the most beautiful butterflies to the smallest Stick Insect, the trees, planets and soils of Menorca are home to millions upon millions of insects, all with an important role in the island’s ecosystem.

Its taken many years to categorise the huge selection of plants in Menorca, and with over 1,200 species you can see why! Orchids can be found all over the island, from the Dragon Arum Dracunculus muscivorus to the Balearic St. John’s Wort, a plant and animal tour of the island is without doubt one of the best activities you can experience.