Make Your Budget Go Further with These Thrifty Tips




The only way to find the most suitable affordable flight abroad is by carefully searching the internet and comparing prices.  No matter how tempting it is to just use the first flight that pops up on the screen, take your time and shop around and you could be surprised by finding an unbelievable deal. Open your eyes and check whether the airlines are offering any promotions that could definitely cut your costs. Sometimes local airlines like Go Air or Jet Airways will offer better deals if you book with them directly.

Timing is essential to travel, there are specific times and days when airfares are drastically reduced especially on Tuesdays; avoid the weekends as the airfares are probably high.

If you fly frequently then make use of redeeming flier miles which you have been earning through previous travels, this is only possible especially if you make early bookings.

Flexibility is important when it comes to airline fares, consider checking out different airports if you live near several of them; sometimes airfare may be considerably low if you can depart from any city near you. Avoid the peak seasons as the fares always soar and also consider Air Pass if you will need to fly extensively to one specific destination.


Make use of travel passes once you get to your destination, this is because you will be able to access most sites with the passes and also getting around will be flexible and cheaper.  You will be able to avoid traffic and also being cheated off fares by local taxis. You also save time and money as you avoid long queues at the entrances of these attractions; fluctuating gate charges will most probably not affect you. Some Passes may also include some related offers such as lunch or free entrance for a number of children, so take advantage of passes.

You will have an unlimited access to attractions which may have been considerably impossible if you were to spend money at the gates. The New York Pass for example also gives you fast track entry to the busiest attractions.

Air Passes are also an incredible way of saving, for example in Australia you can get an unlimited number of flights within the country during your vacation, so if your holiday theme includes flying then consider getting one.


Working in a foreign country is not only a great way to save your money, it also gets you firsthand experience of the local culture, learn a new language, meet new people and get a new prospective on the world. While living abroad could be somewhat expensive, getting paid work abroad could solve your money issues.

It is not always easy to work abroad due to work permit and visa issues, but you can try and join working schemes. If you speak English as your native language, then you could try applying for a teaching job abroad; from there the process of getting a visa is simple.

In some places you can get typically low wage jobs such as office assistants, waitressing or laborers; the income may be small but enough to survive on and save on holiday costs.