Money Saving Tips for the Family Holidays


Family holidays are becoming more expensive by day. From booking multiple flight tickets to expensive travel policies and pricey accommodation, traveling is slowly becoming an unaffordable affair. But don’t give up there are still ways to ensure you can still afford a family holiday.


No matter how tight finances may be, getting travel insurance is a must: there is no family holiday without family holiday insurance. It is an essential part of booking a holiday and ensures your family is safe in case of unpleasant incidents.

Do your research online and peruse the premiums available and how much they cost, you will be surprised to find one that suits your needs at unbelievable rates. Remember to read through the very fine details to establish exactly what is covered by the policy; the coverage is more important than price.

If you are not sure of the intimidating insurance terminology, don’t feel stupid to ask questions before you purchase the premium. Remember, that if you make any mistakes your family is also at risk too.

Go through your documents such as bank cards or employee benefits, you may discover that you already have some cover and all you need is to supplement what you already have. Just buy insurance for only what you need.


When traveling on a budget you need to evaluate the value of suitable accommodation for your family. During peak periods, hotels no longer offer the budget traveler affordable rates; what they term as budget accommodation may be way too expensive. What you need to do is ‘think out of the box’ and put into consideration other forms of accommodation.

Group accommodations such as hostels have changed over time and have become trendy and fashionable; this fabulous transformation has offered the budget traveler a new way to afford accommodation. They contain private rooms and the usual dorm rooms for young independent travelers. Even in the most expensive city in the world like Paris, you will afford exploring and still living in sustainable comfort.

Guest houses are also affordable for families that do not want to stay in hostels. You can also take the option of renting a holiday cottage with family friends. Though the initial costs may seem intimidating, broken down to a per person cost ends up being very friendly.


It is important to stick to the given airline luggage guidelines; it might cost you a fortune if you exceed the maximum allowance. Encourage your children to pack less or wear their heaviest attires while travelling and pack the lighter clothes. If you are travelling with babies and infants, consider booking in at child-friendly resorts that will provide you with baby equipment such as prams, bibs, bottles, and other necessities. This can drastically cut down on your luggage requirements.

Make a reservation for your luggage. If you forget and pay last minute it may have notoriously tripled, so be keen to pre-book your baggage.


If your family is large, you may soon become broke aboard before even your holidays have begun by buying airline food and drinks. Foods in such areas are normally up by twice or thrice the prices at the glossary stores. Bringing your food from home and buying drinks at your local stores will save you quite a lot of money.

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